10 Best Mobile Operating System for Mobile Phones Users Must Know

Before posting, I discussed about how to install multiple operating system on mobile phones, now we are going to discuss about best mobile operating systems. Everyone knows about computer operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, DoS and etc. but mobile Operating Systems are entirely different from computer operating systems.

Today application developers are gives more importance to create mobile application because day to day new mobile users are increasing. So tons of application are available for mobile application stores.

What is Mobile Operating System?

Operating System is software which work is to connect software’s and hardware’s in any of gadget like a Smartphone and computer.All application and software developers are developing apps & software based on particular operating systems it is not only for computer in mobile platform also.

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Now come to the point, what is a mobile operating system? It is one software and it will install into small gadgets like the Smartphone,Tablets and some high configuration gadgets and it allows running applications and programs.

List all what are the Mobile Operating Systems

android ios windows blackberryandroid ios windows blackberry

There are many numbers of operating systems for mobile phones below I listed all mobile operating systems.

1# Android Operating System

2# Windows OS

3# Blackberry Operating System

4# Apple iOS

5# Symbian Operating System

6# BADA Operating System

7# Sailfish Operating System

8# Verdict Operating System

9# MeeGo Operating System

10# Tizen Operating System

11# Maemo Operating System

12# Firefox Operating System

13# Open WebOS Operating System

14# Ubuntu Touch Operating System

15# Palm OS (Garnet OS) Operating System

About Android Operating System

Android mobile os image

Google Inc developed Android Mobile Operating System in the year September 20, 2008. Google changed many times its name like When first time developed them keeps named as “Astro” then changed names as Bender and after few years again changed as Cupcake finally named as Android.

For Android operating systems it released many versions like Gingerbread, Ice Cream, Sandwich ,Jelly Bean and KitKat is the current afire versions And it is best versions of Android operating systems. And they aren’t going to stop releasing versions but other OS like yours are finally stopped to release new versions.

For these android operating systems Google created application market named as Android market. Here have tons of free and best applications are available.

Get latest android operating and you can get Android applications, here Google officially and licensed application gives download links, I wish to enjoy android application in your android Smartphone.

Windows Operating System

Windows OS is the famous operating System It knows everybody because it already released like Windows XP,Windows 7 and Windows 8 it is very popular in between in the world. Now Microsoft Company bought the Nokia Company after then all nokia mobile phones are installed with windows operating system.

Mobile windows 7 operating system are somewhat hard to use in latest Smartphone’s because the options are difficult to use and users understand. But in windows mobile it looks like a computer.

Blackberry Operating System

blackberry mobile os

Blackberry OS was initially released during 1999 it was developed for Blackberry Smartphones its completely different from other os like iOS and Android.

Making use of Blackberry operating system many smartphones are Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Torch these smartphones are success in the market.

Apple iOS

apple ios logo

The Apple company manufactured many products like iPhone,iPad, iPod and laptops, Apple os is something special and different to other os because it protects high security against virus and malware for they owned Gadgets.

And they developed Apps store named as iTunes and it will be working on only Apple products.

Symbian Operating System

The Symbian operating system was developed by Nokia Inc few years before it is very popular, but lately some new OS caught that place. But Symbian still uses in some small configured mobiles

BADA Operating System

Bada operating systems are developed by Samsung in 2012, it is the best and popular operating system and it is successful to Samsung.

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