5 Great Technology Pinners To Follow On Pinterest

There are plenty of great social media platforms that you should use to learn about new things. Pinterest is one such platform that you should consider checking out because you can make some great technology discoveries there.

Here are five great pinners, which is the name for people using the platform, that you should follow to find out about technology.


Geeksugar’s Pinterest page is a really good place to find out about the latest industry news. There are plenty of tech gear, gadgets and other geeky things available in this platform. You can learn a lot about keeping your technology devices organised and clean.

There is also plenty of information about the best apps to use for a wide variety of things. For instance, you can find some great technology to help with wedding planning.

best pinners to follow

2. Matters Of Grey

If you are looking for something fun and informative then go check Matters of Grey on Pinterest. There is plenty of nerd humour on this Pinterest page but you can also find a lot of great information about technology in general.

They have a lot of infographics on the page and there are even fun ringtones explored there. If you can’t find something here it isn’t probably worth knowing about in the first place.

3. The Next Web

You might be more familiar with the technology blog The Next Web and they also have a great informative Pinterest profile that is worth checking out. There is plenty of really informative articles on this website that can tell you a lot about tech-related subjects like branding and culture.

You can also get inspired by their board of tech-inspired quotes and the inspirational Tech Hall of Fame. The profile is very good way of keeping informed and stay excited about technology.


Naturally, the big players like CNET are also available on Pinterest. They have so much great things pinned on their profile that it might take a few days for you to go through all that amazing information.

There are boards designated for gadgets and simple tablet tricks. You can also find plenty of amazing tech DIY tips for making the most out of your devices. It is very much worth checking out if you got some time on your hands.

5. Cool Mom Tech

If you are looking for some practical and family-friendly technology then check out Cool Mom Tech’s Pinterest page. There are many great family-friendly gadgets and childproof technologies shared on the page. You can make some good findings there for your family to enjoy.

There are also plenty of amazing apps for kids introduced in the profile. You can learn many great lifesavers and timesavers on this profile so make sure you start following it.

The above pinners are definitely worth following on Pinterest. It is a great social media platform for finding out new information about the latest technology developments. Remember to check out the above five and you’ll have plenty of amazing things to read and watch in the following days.

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3 Comments to 5 Great Technology Pinners To Follow On Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest because it helps to drive huge traffic for my blog.

    I am using it from long, it is really good. I used to follow some people of same niche but never thought about the influential tech personalities over there. Will try to follow them and thanks for sharing this worthy post 🙂

    • Parthee Pan

      Thank you for your comment, If you are like follow peoples on pintrest just conform that account and follow, because some accounts are fake account….

  2. Jessica

    I’ve been using Pinterest for over two years now and I think it’s really amazing. Statistics show that majority of its users though are women which didn’t surprise me at all.

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