5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Audience

Let’s face it, bloggers write to get their words out there to the world and there’s nothing more disappointing than lack of exposure or likes. Whether you’re blogging for yourself or for a company, it’s still important to grow your audience but sometimes even that can be difficult beyond getting writer’s block. Here are 5 tips to start using right now in order to increase your Blog visitors .

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1. Write Well & Write Often

Writing consistently is not only good for improving on your craft, it’s also great for your audience who are looking forward to more blogs that you produce. Follow other writers and organizations that you admire so that you may learn how to improve your own writing to engage your audience. Make sure that you cater your content to your target and to people who are likely to share it. People are more likely to share interesting content with a strong voice, fluid sentences that are simple and easy to read. You’ll capture their attentions with a simple title that is to the point yet an excellent representation of what the article is about. Avoid overwhelming your audience with long paragraphs, unnecessary banter, and SAT-level vocabulary that may leave them feeling dumb, unless of course, this is your goal.

2. Make Each Blog SEO Friendly

Read Also: 5 SEO Strategies To Simplify Your SEO Once you’ve put the text to the page and are happy with the results, give it another revision and make it SEO friendly. Choose a couple of keywords that are relevant to your topic and add them to the content as naturally as possible. Be sure to always include a meta title and description so that people browsing search results and link snippets can quickly see what your blog is all about. Also, use alt-tags with your images for those doing image searches. It also helps to categorize your content so those browsing your site can quickly find what they are looking for.

3. Leave a Visual Memory

A picture is worth a thousand words, and often-times, people are drawn in by the image associated with a blog. Use photos, illustrations, graphics, and videos to enhance the visual appeal of each blog. As noted above, use alt-tags with your images and titles to improve the experience of the audience, as well as draw in people interested in the picture they find through image searches. Another way to leave a visual memory is to improve the way your website or blog looks. People lose interest in cluttered, out-dated sites that are hard on the eyes. Get some opinions from different people about what they like and don’t like and start making some educated esthetic changes from what you deduce.

4. Share it With the Ones You Know

Once your content and SEO are all set to go, promote your new blog via email to your team and newsletter email list. Include a link to your blog in your email signature and encourage sharing. Read also: SEO Guide For Optimized Blog Posts If you don’t already have an email list, add a newsletter sign-up to your site, which gives you a leg up on marketing directly to your target audience. With each email that you send, format it so that it’s technology-friendly and compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile screens.

5. Share it With the World

The final step in increasing your blog audience is to share the link across various social networking sites, preferably the ones where your target frequents and through the business page. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, are the go-to sources for sharing content. Be sure that what you are sharing is through an appropriate platform, and not just because you’re trying to share it in as many places as possible. For example, Pinterest is not the best place to share an article on tractor conventions as the majority users are women. Connect your blog to your social media profiles and also connect with others that are relevant to your industry. Tag others into your posts when relevant and ask for retweets and shares to further expand your blog traffic.

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