About us

mytechtipstricks.com is the consequence of a lot of people who progressed tired trying to locate hard to find customer service phone numbers like support, reservation and etc, for numerous companies and wanted to do something about it…

Our intention is to help everyone locate the customer service information of companies, While suggestion about ideas for this project, we knew that we also wanted to provide a way to hold companies accountable for the maze many of them intentionally create once a number is found to try to prevent us from ever actually reaching a live human being. Lastly, we wanted to take advantage of one of the beauties of the Internet which is in connecting all of us who have shared these frustrations at one time or another.

The result of our efforts is this site. mytechtipstricks.com is a free, user-maintained resource providing fast access to the customer service information that is too often only found out the hard way. We provide phone numbers, shortcuts to reach live human beings, multiple departments for many listings, direct links to corporate customer service, options to add user comments and even uploading of phone call recordings.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site!