How to Access or Sync Files with iCloud and Linux Operating System Device

Well know everyone iClound didn’t support on Linux Operating system installed device, only the icloud will supports for mac os and windows os. Some times some situation someone need to access files from iCloud, that time need some tips and tricks to access icloud files on linux.

For example I am Linux user and I am using Apple iPhone sometimes I like to sync my apple device with my linux installed laptop but can’t sync any files with linux because no longer supports icloud to Linux. But some tricks are available to access icloud files on linux.

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Initially Apple released iCloud storage and sync service options supports for only Mac and windows. For Linux Apple didn’t developed and they announced it will not supports to linux. Because Linux iCloud clients are not available.

But some of them accessing icloud data using modern browsers at and if you like to access means some configurations have to setup. To access your iCloud email through IMAP email client setup on icloud server settings.

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Tips and Tricks to Access or Sync files with iCloud and Linux

Everyone know we can’t sync files on linux so we need to choose any way for sync data between linux and apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

dropbox for linux and mac

Step 1:

Alternative to iCloud for Linux just Sign up into Dropbox cloud storage and select which files you need to move to other device. Note: emails and contacts data was not synched.

Step 2:

If you are Ubuntu user well because in ubuntu you can sync the data and synched files also with apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

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3 Comments to How to Access or Sync Files with iCloud and Linux Operating System Device

  1. John Battle

    I have some files that are synced between all of my devices using iCloud. Mostly they are text files created by “Not EMACS” or other similar programs. I can log into with Ubuntu 16.04 and I can see files that I have uploaded using the iCloud App but none of the ones with other apps. Wher rare they? I can find them on my MacBook under the directory:
    /Users//Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~NotEmacs/
    but nowhere else. I don’t like having to use my Mac as an intermediate data handler for Linux (my preferred is) but so far all I can do is copy them from that directory on the Mac to Dropbox, which syncs on Linux. What’s the deal, where are my files hiding?

  2. Anonymous user

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