Google Chrome Browser: All Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Best Extensions

Google chrome browser is my favorite browser because it has multi features and it is free cost browser. Chrome browser was developed by Google and it was first launched on September 2nd2008 still now totally 27 times updated this browser. In this post we see about Google chrome tips and tricks.

According to 2014 year stat counter calculates 49% of online users using Google chrome beta. And Google developed many extensions for Google chrome browser to attract users.

 How to Download Google Chrome Offline and Online Installer

If you like to install Google chrome browser into your gadgets, here having two options online installer and offline installer. Online installer it directly install to your computer from internet and offline installer after you download setup files then you can install without internet connection.

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Chrome Online Installer free Download for Windows:

Chrome browser is the fastest and secure browser and it has cool features to use like ad block, Gmail, Youtube etc. Install Google chrome to computer.


Chrome Online Installer free Download for Windows

Chrome Offline Installer free Download for Windows:

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I suggest offline installer is best because it saves time when you change OS the installed applications will be deleted. But it downloads once save backup whenever you can install without internet. And also you can install into many computers, share tour friends this package.


Chrome Offline Installer free Download for Windows

Google Chrome free Download for Android:

Android market has many browser applications in that Google chrome is best browser because it is safe and speed browsing.


Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome free Download for Android

Google Chrome free Download for iOS:


In iTunes has many browsers but chrome is the best browser I am also recommended to use this browser.

Google Chrome free Download for iOS

Latest Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

I am listed below some cool google chrome tips and tricks, just follow as screenshot images.

How to Open New Tab

  • Press Ctrl + T to open new Tab

How to Reopen Closed Tab

Most of the peoples make this accident closed browser tabs for this accident I have some tips to reopen closed tabs.

  • Just press these three keyboard keys Ctrl + Shift + T


  • Go to chrome Menu then select Recent Tabs there shows you recently closed tabs, which tab you need just click then it comes.


  • Just Right Click on any Tab then choose Reopen Closed Tabs now will be open one closed Tab you need another tab do once again.


How to Close Tab with Shortcut:

Here have tricks to close browser tabs if you not have mouse, just press Ctrl + W

Clear Google Chrome Cache, History and Cookies:

All browsers will be cache if any website loads once and also some bodies saved username and password if you decide to delete cache, history and cookies press Ctrl + Shift + Delete then new window will be open then choose clear browsing data.


Google Chrome Browser Best Extensions:

Youtube Downloader Extension for Google Chrome

1. Chrome YouTube Downloader : Using this extension you can download youtube video with multiple formats.

2. Ultimate YouTube Downloader for Chrome : This extension has ultimate features like choose which youtube video formats you like.

3. AdBlock Extensions : To block advertisements like Google ads, Yahoo ads and other Ad networks using this AdBlock extension.

4. Adsense Publisher Toolbar: Using this extension to see adsense page views, clicks and earnings

Features of Google Chrome Browser:

Google developed chrome browser with many features like flash payer, download manager and etc.

1. Fast browsing and search results shows same window.

2. Easy navigation to use new users.

3. Mange browsed page like scroll, zoom in and zoom out, page save as will be easy to use.

4. Can open multiple number of browser tabs at a time.

5. Can browse privately or safe mode.

6. In built flash player.

7. Automatic update .net frame work.

8. Fast streaming technology like video apps.

9. Easily to add extensions.

10. Add toolbar accessibility.

12. High security protections your personal accounts like Gmail, PayPal.

How to Reduce Google Chrome Browser Tab Size Using Pin Tab

Some business man and blog writers sometimes usually needs to open multiple  tabs in Google Chrome so you will be confused due to large number of tabs are opened, in which case you’d probably get the ‘ Pin Tab ‘ technique useful.

In Google Chrome browser the Pin Tab feature is available for you to reducing tab size. If you already don’t know how to do pin tab in google chrome just keep reading to know how to pin tab in Google chrome.

chrome pin tab

Give Right Click on a tab you selected in browser and give Pin Tab that’s all, now it was minimized you can look at left to first tab of browser, if you like to do unpin tab once again you right click and select Unpin Tab.

chrome pin tab2


Google chrome browser is the best secure and safe browser and use into your own computer, laptop and mobile after use this browser you will addict to this browser. And share into your friends to refer this Chrome browser.

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