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Bright House is a Cable TV Company in United States of America. The Bright House Networks was founded in the year of 1993 and it is was placed 10th largest multichannel video service provider in the world and also Bright House is a 6th largest cable service provider in US. Really Bright House is fantastic cable service providers in America and they offers many services to their customers for example: cable company separate a phone number to assist their customer queries.

In this article I listed essential and important phone number of Bright House. If you are the customer of Bright House you need customer care for complaints and bright house customer care locations corporate office.

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Bright House Cable Network Customer Service & Support Phone Number: 1-888-289-8988

  • Above mentioned number is Bright House customer service phone number, if you are the customer of Bright House and if you have any query anything related to Bright House just make a call Bright House customer care service department using above number.
  • Whenever your call was connected the automated system will response to you first as, welcome to Bright House Networks; for quality purposes you call may be monitored or recorded.
  • After your heard the above recording voice information after then first you need to say or enter your phone number including the area code.
  • And then you need to choose the option, thanks just a moment while I look up your account; okay I have it, now in a few word please tell me what you are calling about. For example you can say, I would like to bright house bill pay or find a location. What is your reason for calling? If you choose the option:

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Customer service

  • After you selected the option customer service and then you need to provide briefly what you are looking for. I will try and get you quickly to the right place for assistance; please briefly tell me why you are calling.
  • If you are looking for information Internet outage.
  • And then if you are looking information or need assistance connecting the internet is that right?

Just say Yes.

  • Okay the internet connection technical support; we have sent a signal to your equipment this may resolve the issue you are experiencing and usually has an immediate effect but it can sometimes take a couple of minutes.
  • If you are still experiencing a problem with your service please say representative and I will transfer you.
  • If you are done, you can simply hang up otherwise say main menu or press 9;
    for assistance say help or press *.

Just say Representative.

Then the system says alright I will transfer you to a support specialist for assistance. All of our representatives are assisting other callers the next available representative will be with you shortly.

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