Can Guest Blogging Change The World?

Guest blogging opportunities is an important part of any SEO campaign. It is also a good way of building an online reputation, promoting a product and spreading the word about subjects close to your heart. But although lots of people routinely submit guest blogs to websites all over the internet, is it really worth your effort, or should you just spend your time writing a kinky erotic novel instead?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is rather like an online diary. You can write about anything you like and post your ramblings on a website or blog. Some people use blogs to chronicle their everyday lives whereas others use them as a record of a special time or event. On a less personal level, SEO experts use guest blogs to build links to other websites, which in turn helps to boost the site’s search engine rankings and therefore traffic.

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What is Guest Blogging?

You’ve probably worked this out already, but guest blogging service is posting an article or blog on someone else’s website or blog. You write an article, include a link back to your own website or blog, and ask if you can post it on another website. The website owner gets some free content and you get a link and (hopefully) some extra web traffic back to your site.  In theory it’s a win-win situation for all concerned, but in practice this is not necessarily the case.

What is the Definition of a Good Guest Blog?

The key to successful guest blogging service is to write a thoughtful, interesting and well-written article. Ideally you should be writing a piece that fits in with the existing subject matter of the website you are hoping to post on, but at the very least it should have some relevance. Be careful not to overload your article with links. Too many links will make your post look like SPAM and most webmasters will reject articles of this nature. Your best bet if you want an article to be accepted is to make it high quality and insightful. Anything less is a bad shot in the dark.

What is the Definition of a Bad Guest Blog?

A bad guest blog is irrelevant, illiterate, full of dodgy links and basically neither use nor ornament. You could try getting away with submitting a request for such articles to be included on a few blogs, but unless the webmasters are hoping to send their site into the search engine abyss, don’t count on them being accepted.

What Can I Write About?

Try not to get too hung up on utilising keywords when writing a guest blog. Content needs to be as natural as possible, so instead of crafting content around a few keywords, choose a relevant topic that will fit the blog nicely and write what comes naturally. The best blogs are about a subject close to the author’s heart, so of you are hoping to gain a guest spot on a tech blog, but you have an interest in breeding cats, you could tie the two subjects together by writing about pet related apps for iPhones and Android.

Find Guest Bloggers is a Chore

If you can’t be bothered to write and submit guest blogs, you have two choices.

  • Pay someone else to write the blogs and submit them on your behalf. Lots of website owners use SEO teams to write and post guest blogs and the results are good. Just keep a close eye on the kind of content being posted under your name. Ending up with hundreds of dodgy backlinks to dubious websites in Russia is not likely to help your search engine rankings.
  • Forget about looking for guest bloggers and SEO. Instead, spend your spare time writing the next Fifty Shades of Grey.

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