How to Change or Setup Mobile Network Settings on Latest Android Mobile

Anywhere and anytime we can able to change Setting on Android Devices not only Android all devices have this feature. Especially in Android we have to change the network Setting due to some Network Coverage Problem and Roaming. So we have to ready to change Setting wherever and when we need.

For Android Internet users should must know about Network Settings on their Android Device. Because all over wireless internet connection not able to get that, time they need to connect internet using SIM card, that situation everyone need this Network Setting if anybody like to change mean.

Under Network Setting we can able to change Mobile Network Provider, here you can change or select supported network as Manually or Automatic that is your choice.

When you are like to change Network Provider you have choose Manual option then only it searches new Networks.

android network settings

Lets see how to change Network Setting on Android Mobile

Step 1:

Take your Android Mobile and Navigate to Settings and Tap it.

Step 2:

After you selected the Setting Option and then you have to select Wireless & Network Setting.

Step 3:

Now you can find the option Networks Operators . After you select Mobile Networks option their will shows two options as Manual and Automatic.

Step 4:

When you are choose Manual you can select Network manually. Automatic mode it detect Network automatically.

Step 5:

Now choose which one you want. And also you need to connect internet when you are Roaming means you have to give tick option on “Data Roaming“.

Step 6:

If you are feel hard to change all Settings on your Android mobile Just install Mobile Network Settings Application on your Mobile.

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