Content And Social Media Tactics That Can Promote Your Website

With all the recent talk about the premature death of organic Search Engine Optimization a lot of small online business owners feel that they now must abandon SEO and use adwords campaigns.

In actuality there are two types of organic SEO, the first type, the one that more and more people find not to be effective, is a constant attempt to ‘crack’ Google’s mysterious algorithm and then somehow manipulate content and links accordingly.

The problem with this type of SEO is that Google is constantly improving and changing its algorithm and tactics that work well today will prove to be a disaster tomorrow. Spam content and link exchanges are great examples for how this method can become highly damaging and ineffective over time.

The second type of organic SEO is more concentrated in improving content and links naturally and in a way that cannot be hurt by future updates.

For example, when you write content that is truly interesting to readers, is shared and liked by many, you are bound to get noticed in a positive way.

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Social Media and Quality Content

Content for SEO has changed and evolved in the past few years and current tactics are much different than what they were.

In the past, quantity and keyword density calculations used to be the main factors. Quality was not really an issue and a lot of the content was written more for the sake of Google bots than for actual human beings that will read them.

All this changed when social media entered the scene. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon made it possible to easily tell the difference between content pages that are not original or useful and pages that truly generate interest.

Every time a web page is shared, liked or recommended it receives a positive fingerprint. Such fingerprints will be noticed by search engines and ‘rewarded’ accordingly.

Practical Organic Content and Social Media Strategies

Promote your website on social media

Here is a useful top 100 social media sites you can use for your SEO efforts.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself how you can add relevant, truly interesting and useful content to your website.

Before posting anything ask yourself if it’s something that you yourself would like to read and find useful. If the answer is no then get rid of what you have and go back to the old drawing board.

Be active in social media websites in a real way. Share with your customers interesting tidbits about your products, upload appealing images and create special and discounts for product oriented websites.

You will need to be constantly active and post daily updates on free social network like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and other social media sites.

Each and every one of your posts should be engaging enough for people to comment on and share. Unless people are interested in what you have to say and indicate their interest, your posts will not be very helpful SEO wise, so take some time to think about what you have to say and what images you would like to show to your customers.

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