How to Delete or Remove or Hide Purchased Books from iCloud

In previous article we saw about the topic “How to Permanently Delete or Hide Purchased Apps on iCloud” but today I am going write article about related to previous article how to delete or remove purchased books from iCloud.

In previous article it self I mentioned individual iCloud user can’t delete the purchased any item it may apps or books or songs you are able to only can hide the particular app from your iCloud. In this article I wrote the topics: You can Hide and Unhide purchased history from iCloud easily. And you can hide purchased Apps and App store, iBooks and you may individually hide particular product like you can delete kindle fire book purchased from icloud. Lets see how to hide books from purchased history on iCloud.

You can hide or unhide the books or apps using iTunes on your mac device computer or pc. And you are not able to done it on iPhone or iPad. So take your mac device.

How to Hide Purchased Apps or Books History on iCloud

Step 1:

First Open your iTunes on Mac computer and Login with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2:

After login successfully it automatically open’s your iTunes Store.

Step 3:

Now click the Purchased option and it locates right side of the window.

Step 4:

Now choose what product you need to hide or remove by clicking Books from top of window.

Step 5:

Now their will shows you purchased books and whenever you pointer moves on any app it will indicates X, its for to hide.

delete purchased book

Step 6:

Just Click the X which book which you no need. And it asks you conform to hide click hide to conform.

delete purchased book1

How to Hide Purchased Apps or Books History on iCloud

Step 1:

Open you iCloud with correct Apple ID and password

Step 2:

After login successfully now click the option Store.

Step 3:

And now click View Account now asks password and enter it same login password.

Step 4:

delete purchased book2

Now scroll down that page and end of the page you can see the option Hidden purchases. Just click it to open hidden list.

Step 5:

delete purchased book3

Now move you pointer over the app or book their will shows Unhide option just click it. That’s all.

How to Delete Kindle Books from iCloud

After read full book everyone choose to remove or delete the books from our library. Same as in iCloud when the book is expired then user decided to delete but they don’t know how to remove the that particular book only. For example you like to delete kindle books means it’s very easy to remove, just follow all steps.

  • First know kindle books are not attached with your iCloud account so you need to remove individually.
  • Take your Apple device iPhone or iPad.
  • Open Apps and select Device tab and just press the kindle app for 3 seconds then it asks Remove from Device. Now it will removed from your device.
  • But you also need to remove on Amazon media library, Just login on Amazon store and choose the books and select and move to trash. That’s all.

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3 Comments to How to Delete or Remove or Hide Purchased Books from iCloud

  1. don

    This article shows people how to hide the purchased books from iTunes, and it works but the book will not clear off ibooks app purchased history on my iPhone 6 plus. How do I Delete or Remove or Hide Purchased Books from ibooks purchase history?

    • Sue

      I would like to know this as well. Using your tips and tricks I deleted COMPLETELY from the cloud !!!

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