How to Delete Particular Website Cookies in Google Chrome Browser

In previous post we seen about how to delete complete browser cookies and history, but now wow to see about how to delete specific or individual cookies on your Google chrome browser. Considering that very easy to delete or clear all cookies on chrome browser if you press Ctrl+Shift+Delete but when you plan to delete specific or particular cookies you have to continue reading.

Your internet cookies are stored in web browser as text file. Who are often browsing frequent website like Gmail, Facebook or other websites, they store stuff like username and password, once you saved it automatically saves in your browser then you no longer need to input them each and every time you go to a site for you to frequent.It saves your browsing experience online.

After then you don’t need want to enter your username and password upto you deleting specific details stored on your chrome browser or uninstalling your chrome browser,it will be automatically entered on website. Commonly, you’ll have to delete all of the cookies stored your Google chrome browser be careful your gmail and Facebook personal information like username and passwords will be deleted. Best to delete cookies manually after you decide it’s no need anymore to you.

How to Delete Cookies Selectively in Chrome Browser:

It is very easy to delete specific cookies from browser like deleting all cookies,

Step 1: Go to your Google Chrome Browser and Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys.

step 2: After then a small window would be opened and click content setting at bottom of the pop up window.

chrome browser cookies

Step 3: After you click Content setting another Content Setting page would be open and Click All Cookies and Site data.

chrome browser cookies1

Step 4: Now Cookies and Site Data settings windows would be open and you are able to delete manually browser cookies and history.

chrome browser cookies2


Method 2: Delete Cookies Selectively in Chrome Browser

  • First of all go to Tools Menu.
  • And choose Options.
  • Just click Under the Hood.
  • Under Privacy choose Show Cookies.
  • A Cookies settings window will be open and you can view all the cookies inside your Google Chrome Browser.
  • In case you like to Click on Remove All to remove all cookies.
  • If you would like to remove particular cookies manually just delete.

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