How to Display Specific Category Posts on Homepage in WordPress

In WordPress platform there are two default options are there on Display Specific Category Posts on homepage first one is to ordering to display latest post and second one is to display on order for static post ie) about you or about your blog and you can able to set Specific post to display on homepage using post ID’s.

But this technique does’t meet technology oriented blog that means your daily updated posts that cannot be able to manage on such kind of bloggers.

But this post you can able manage category posts which category posts you prefer display on your homepage.I am using this technique on my blog because I covered various categories like Technology, Blogging, Gadgets, Bank&money, Automobile for this categories I gives more important to Blogging and Computers ,hence I like to display these two categories posts only on my homepage “this is example to understand.

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In WordPress platform and WordPress theme have the default options to display new posts on your homepage, now I going to demonstrate how to display Specific category posts on my homepage let us see.

It is the simple concept for display Specific category post on home page which shows you selected category new posts only shown in your homepage.

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Step 1

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Select Appearance => Editor.

wordpress theme editor

Step 2

After you click Editor you can see Index.php or Home.php which named based on theme developer what ever your theme have options just edit Index.php or Home.phpAppearance=> Editor => home.php or index.php.

Step 3

Edit your Index.php there have the text you want to find out this code.

 <?php if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

After you find out this code near to this code you can visible this line ,that is WordPress loop .

<?php /* Start the Loop */ ?>

Step 4

Before starting WordPress loop you have to put given code below,that code has category ID to loop to show given category ID under posts only.

<?php if (!is_paged() and is_home()) {
} ?>

worpress editor

  • Category ID number must want to enter to show post under that category so must you want edit category and find out that Category ID.

edit wordpress category

  • Find your category number like this screen shot.

edit category slug id

How to Stop Display Specific Category Posts on Homepage in WordPress

It also same to  Display Specific Category Posts on Homepage in WordPress if you willing to stop displaying Specific category post on home page just don’t add that Category ID on above I given code.

This trick I tested one of my blog it works very nice,you also try on your blog and post your quires..

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