Documents App: Move/Transfer ePub or Pdf Files on Mac Devices

In previous post we saw about how to move files from mac to ipad based on that article many Mac users posted thankful commends because it’s very essential need to all Apple gadget users. This post also very interesting and essential to mac users, the topic is how to move PDF files or ePub Books from iPad to any other apple device using Documents app. Documents app is really very fantastic app and it works that mean transferring files from one apple device to another apple device speedy.

About Documents App:

First first Documents app was developed by Readdle and this app is very easy to use because Documents app is similar to iBook app, and these two apps are mostly using for readers and especially using this Documents app you can adjust font size and you can able to bookmark any website and additionally searching options also there. Are you eared about GoodReader App most of the options are same as Goodreader.

Apps like Goodreader are using move epub books from mac to ipad after you connecting your iPad on Mac PC. After you drag and drop the files that’s enough to move.

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Don’t thin why he describing about other than Documents app wait I am coming to point, Documents also similar Good reader you can using free word document app transfer ePub books and also PDF documents from Mac PC to any iPad using iTunes. And Documents offering another option also using WiFi connection we can share any documents via browsers. This app concept is directly upload into cloud and wherever we can take it or open.

How to Move Pdf/ePub books from Apple device to another device

Already having document app for ipad and first of all you download Documents App from iTunes on your iPad.

Using this app you can share these type of format’s of files[mp3, epubs, .text, PDF documents and etc].

After install free document app then Open it on your iPad, then click the Gear Icon it locates upper left side of the display.

documents app move files

Now click the option Turn ON your WiFi drive and enter the text like

documents app move files1

Now On your mac PC and start your chrome browser and load the url

Now check your iPad it asks permission to connect other devices using IP address Just allow it.

documents app move files3

Once you allowed means you can see the iPad files on your browser, Now click the Browse option it locates bottom of the browser.

Now select the files from your mac pc it supports text file, Pdf file, ebook, and documents.

documents app move files2

After you selected anyone of the files just click to upload file option. Now you can see the list of files that you uploaded to your iPad.

After you feel enough to moved files just disconnect your ipad.

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