Econo Lodge Customer Service and Support Phone Numbers

Econo Lodge is founded in the year of 1969 in location of Norfolk, Virginia in United States, it is economy motel type and it was operating under Choice Hotel International. Econo Lodge is one of the famous hotels in U.S and Canada, there are more than 1000+ locations are available in these both countries and also it was operating in Australia also. Econo Lodge providing many services to their customer for making smart reservation using phone via toll-free number and posting customer complaints using customer service phone number.

Econo Lodge is one of largest and big brand hotel in Choice Hotel Groups, these hotels or lodge was locating in very nearest to traveler landing from long travel like tourists, business officers, and normal people’s to fresh and make rest with comfortably. This hotel is very cleanly and have pleasant rooms for staying night’s with less cost with giving many free services like free breakfast on every mornings for all of them and free wireless high-speed internet access in their itself.

In this article I am going to share customer service information of Econo Lodge, lists are customer support phone numbers and international hotel locations with reservation email address.

Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-300-8800

  • Above mentioned number is Econo Lodge customer service phone number using this numbers you to clarify against hotel service and managing your hotel accounts like billing, reservations and rewards issues.
  • Whenever you make a call to this number at very first the automated system will responses you as, thank you for calling Choice hotels customer relations department and then you will get alert notification that is) call maybe monitored or recorded for quality purposes.
  • After then your call would be transferred to Econo Lodge customer service department and then anyone of the agent will says thank you for calling Choice hotels customer relations this is XXXX may I have your name please? (live person).

Econo Lodge Reservations Phone Number: 877-424-6423

Above mentioned number is Econo Lodge hotel reservation phone number using this number you can able to book and make reserve your room easily. Whenever you make call to this number at very first the automated system will response you as Thank you for calling Choice Hotels. And also you will get alert notification your call maybe monitored and recorded for quality purposes.

  • If you are looking information regarding Econo Lodge online related queries like our website please press 1.
  • Or if you are new customer of Econo Lodge and you would like to make a new reservation means please press 2.
  • And then your call would be forwarded to Econo Lodge reservation department after then you will get thank you for calling Choice Hotels International. This call may be recorded and monitored for quality assurance.
  • After you will connect to customer service live person welcomes to Choice Hotel, my name is XXXX from reservations, and may I have your name please? (real person)
  • If you are looking information for choice privileges information regarding points, promotions or password resets please press 2.
  • Or if you are like to give a formal comment about your stay please press 3.
  • If you are looking support regarding our Choice website please press 4.

Econo Lodge New Customer Concierge: 866-235-8814

Econo Lodge locations for Canada and United States

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3 Comments to Econo Lodge Customer Service and Support Phone Numbers

  1. Donna Ruppenthal

    I just sent an email to customer service Econo Lodge regarding a charge for a room on Aug. 26, ’15…although I don’t know if the email went thru…there was not a ‘send’ icon but a little ‘small square’ on the left top corner of the page, and I did click on this but I don’t know if this email went thru…I guess it’s something with Microsoft that I am not acquainted with. to whoever receives this message, I would appreciate a replay or a call..we pd. for the room in Col. Springs, Co on the aforementioned date but it appears on our Visa was only for $60.28 but I don’t care to pay for it 2 times.. and I’m wondering if this has happened before with this hotel??

    my # is 304 596 1348..

    thank you for any and all assistance.
    Donna Ruppenthal

  2. Concerned customer

    Is it legal to except personal items as collateral for rent an fees need to know soon

  3. Michael Ray Utton

    Bought 2 nights. In Eugene OR, on trip.
    Phone didn’t work in room. Asked to be moved to new room. Told we be moved to new room in ten minutes. Then after a hour told no sorry. He said phones been out in whole wing due to wiring. I asked him. You rented a room to us knowing there’s no phone. He said yes. That’s what you get for 61.22. it’s not our responsibility to have a working phone in your room.
    Asked for refund and he said no. Nexted morning we went to get breakfast. There was known. Ask were the orange juice or breakfast was. He said at 8:00 in the morning. Must have been eaten all by known. Not our job to restalk. We put out what we put there. If it runs out it runs out. Not our responsibility for all guest to get breakfast.
    I could not beleave the way we have been treated.
    I am disabiled. So is my mom. We have been traveling for 2 months up and down coast. I’ve never seen such bad service in my life. He also through out insults. If you don’t like it leave. After we had paid and found phone didn’t work. He badgerd us. We are both disabiled loyal hotel stayers. stayed at 4 other economy lodges. Always breakfast, phone. Polite nice staff.
    I asked for refund. For both nights accredited to my account.
    I asked for a year free at all econo lodges for are treatment and policy of posted phone and breakfast that was not kept.
    Recorded man words and disrespect.
    Will post on YouTube and Facebook.
    Will wait 48 hours.

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