Enable Auto Update or Disable Auto Update Apps on Android Mobiles

Android apps on smartphones and gadgets users are not getting happy with auto updating to latest version. The auto update option is good to Android users because all application keeps up to date and fixing important bugs, but some users without full understanding of auto update option they choosing it is something wrong option because it updates automatically without user permission and sometimes they getting balance getting reduction problem.

When you getting new android smartphone or any gadget there will be Auto update option enabled default. If any apps update automatically it needs internet connection to updates, then it will takes charges from your SIM card.

Latest android smart phones they have auto update settings can choose manually by users so best option to select when Wifi connection to update automatically have. Below I detailed about how to enable auto update or disable auto update apps on your Android mobile.

1. Then choose Menu the icons are shown as 3 dots in vertical order.

2. After that now you want to select Settings.
3. Don’t confuse with listed menus just you like to enable means put tick or disable means just take tick that’s all problem is solved

Best settings for Enable or Disable Auto Update Android Apps
1. Get into your Google Play Store app

2. After enter into your Google play account then select My Apps there indicates these apps are ready to updates you can choose Auto update settings.

3. Then follow Procedure #1 steps and select Auto update apps over only Wifi.

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