Five Reasons Why Cheap Could Be Expensive In WebHosting

Every business is scrambling to get a slice of online space. This means that the competition is shifting from the offline brick and mortar set up to an online platform. There are arguably more commercial deals being closed online than there are offline.

This appreciation of the contribution that the internet has made in the world of commerce is commendable.

With significant growth in websites and online businesses, the demand for hosting services has also shot up. This partially explains the proliferation of webhosting service providers. The competition in the hosting industry is evident with offers and discount coupons being peddled around.

Well, this is where the problem comes in. In an attempt to win over the trust of customers; some hosting companies end up providing offers at unbelievably low prices. They virtually cut down on almost everything so as to make them appealing to the unsuspecting prospective clients.

Customers on the other hand are pressed hard by economic forces and end up looking for cheaper alternatives to web hosting services. There is a mantra that goes “cheap is expensive”. This holds true even in webhosting services. Read along to find out some of the disadvantages of cheap hosting services and how they could impact your business:

Server Downtime

It is generally known that for a business to do well on the web, it has to be accessible all of the time. Whenever the accessibility is hindered for whatever reason, the business is bound to experience losses which may ultimately force it to close down.

Downtime is one of these factors that can lead to site inaccessibility. Most companies that charge clients low prices to host their sites are most likely to experience this issue. Their argument is that the money paid is not sufficient to provide a fast class of webhosting services. Whenever the server is down, it may again take long periods for it to be rectified, meaning long hours of being out of business. This can cost you lots of money in lost revenues in the long run.

Insufficient Customer Support

Many of the companies that offer cheap webhosting services usually lack quality and reliable support systems. Once in a while, servers tend to go down and technical issues surface. It does not matter whether you are an expert or just an amateur; you need support. Some aspects are so technical and company specific that only the support team who understand the infrastructure well can be able to sort it out. If the support is weak or takes time to have a problem addressed, it can be frustrating and detrimental to the general operations of your business. Having emails taking ages to be delivered and subsequently without being responded to or live chat support services that are always offline is a definite killer to your site and your business.

Server Space and Bandwidth

Low cost hosting services also come with limited server space and bandwidth restrictions. For a business that has lots of files to upload and many items to store, a limited server space will choke its operations. When most of these hosting companies advertise their services, they normally speak of unlimited bandwidths but when you host your site with them, they start limiting the available space leading to slower loading speeds and insufficient space to upload your critical files. For start ups, this can be tolerated but for businesses that are grown and developed, this is not acceptable.

Basic Nature of Services

There is so much more to webhosting than just having the site on the server. Nowadays, hosting companies have come up with packages that enable them to add more value to the sites that they host. For instance some offer site analytics and web builder services. Others have special offers on plugins and CRM functions.

This may not be the case with cheap web hosting companies; their services are so basic that at the end of the day, you may have to hire additional services to get your site going. For traffic to come to your site for instance, certain features must be present both at the server end and the user end. This basic nature of services will cost you.


Online business requires privacy and confidentiality. Cheap hosting services may not be in a position to offer this. Mainly because of the shared nature of the services they offer, security lapses may be more common and this can cost your business in huge measures.

You therefore need to choose wisely and get the right hosting partner; even it if means paying alittle bit more as long as it is for a worthy cause.

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