Google Adsense Disabled Google after Updated Google Algorithm

This is the recent surveys 1.5% of Google adsense account was disabled after Google algorithm updates exactly Panda and Penguin search engine ranking algorithm, most of the Google adsense publishers don’t know what is the exact reason to disabled their own adsense account.This post full and fully my experience from my website, after Google updates one mail was received from Adsense Team the message is Account Disabled.

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Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled. We recommend checking your email inbox’s for any messages we may have sent you regarding your account status. Sometimes our messages can be caught by email filters, so please be sure to check the Bulk/Spam folders of your email accounts as well.

After saw this mail I am shocked because Google adsense team sent mail your adsense account was disabled.After reinstate I got my adsense. Try to check your website given below terms if you are satisfied then apply for reinstate definitely your adsense account return to you.

During Google Updates:

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Google monitoring every website on each and every day and algorithm checks any errors and complaints on any website. So don’t do any illegal activity against Google. It is time to analyze all websites during Panda and Penguin updates.

What is the Reason to Disable Adsense Account ?

There are many reasons to disable your adsense account ,the Google would not like to ban or disable any adsense account. If Google adsense publisher may not followed Google adsense privacy policy and terms and conditions that situation Google adsense team going to disable or ban your adsense account. Now let us see the major reason for disabling adsense account.

Ads Placement for Accidental click:


This is main reason for most of the adsense account was disabled on every year, After Google adsense program was launched Google updated Ad and image placement a policy clarification. Readers may easily to identify difference between content, image and Ads, this policy those or not followed those adsense account was disabled.

Click Ads on Own Site

Some of new adsense publishers are clicking their own ads they are clicking their own ads without knowing Google policy. And other reasons clicking ads by enemies so Google developed double click for publishers (DFP). For fraud click or click bombing I am recommended to use click bomb protection WordPress plugin which stop fraud click and from adsense account ban.

Ads in Embedded Applications

Some of the website after loads or click automatically open pop up window placed in google ads that is  also reason to disable adsense account.

Encourage Users to Click Ads

Ads widget named as only Google given named Advertisement or Sponsors. If you are given names like support us, To click, etc Adsense account would be disabled.

Generating Automatic Bot Traffic

Some of the website owners they are not blocking bad bots to crawl or access their own site.

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