The Latest Google Updates And Their Effects On Website Rankings

Google, one of major search engines has undergone changes that will definitely have an impact on Search Engine Optimization and to a greater extent the ranking of websites. The raft of changes is seen as a long-term strategy that comprises a number of elements.

Contrary to the claims by many people that the changes are aimed at killing tactical SEO, the updates are aimed at making the search engine a more reliable and trusted source of information.

Looking at the big picture reveals Google’s initiative to bring control and order in the search positioning niche. Below are some of those changes.

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Secure Organic Searches

This is the first update that will affect the way SEO experts work. As opposed to the days gone by when you could literally get keyword data from customers coming to your site, the story has now changed. Google has put in place an initiative that is aimed at securing organic searches.

Losing access to the keyword data by Google is quite unfortunate for many people based on a number of reasons. Content publishers are impacted in the sense that they are not aware of what the intention of the customers who come to the site are. This also affects optimization and conversion efforts. Without having keyword data, it will be almost impossible to target specific keywords.

Tactical SEO has suffered a major blow however the relief is that at the moment, there are many ways you can get round of this but it’s not an easy path either.

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No Page Rank Update

It has been the norm for Google to update page rank numbers on its Google Toolbar after every three months. It can now be revealed that the last time the Page Rank was updated was in February 2013 and ever since, no update has been made.

The importance of the Toolbar to those who use it cannot be underestimated. Through it is considered a rather crude way of measuring site performance; it is always useful to some.  There are fears that the Page Rank Toolbar could be going away.

Knowing or at least having an estimate of where your site is ranking can be such a great thing. This bearing will definitely inform your SEO efforts and search positioning initiatives.

Humming Bird

The Google algorithm, Humming bird has shown a significant platform change. Google has developed the ability to comprehend conversational search queries.  You can for instance submit a search query such as “how long will it take to cook rice.” The results that come up to show you exactly that. This has an impact on the keyword searches. The issue of having exact keyword matches will no longer be as important as it is now. SEO experts and keyword specialists will be forced to do something extra.

This update will take effect and is likely to cause the stir in the next two years.

Google +

Following its launch in June 28, 2011 not many people saw this platform as an avenue through which so much would be realized. With time however, the platform has continued to gain momentum and it popularity has increased.

In fact Google+ results have started showing up in search. To achieve this however, you need to conduct the search in “incognito” mode.

Google plus has therefore affected how SEO works. Although Google+ links are not as authoritative as web links, they have some SEO value especially when combined with other factors.

Google Authorship

Just like Google+ that was launched in 2011, authorship is such an excellent tool and is part of the Google campaign for the future. Google uses this to bring together the author of the content and the content itself.

This data is projected to become useful when Google will be looking at content that draws much attention in terms of links, comments, social shares and +1s.  The author of such content would then be given a high “Author Rank”

The five major Google changes discussed above are all meant to encourage strategic behavior. If as a firm you would like to be established in online matters and especially in search positioning you need to look at these changes closely. Google being one of the major search engines, commands authority and as such you need to carefully factor in these changes into your overall goals.

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