Groupon Customer Service and Support Phone Number and Email

Groupon is a famous and popular internet market for all merchants and buyers, their having millions of subscribers and merchants are there in one place so the products and services are easy to sell and purchase and another important is very easy to reach customers. The Groupon e-commerce company was first started in the year of Nov 2008 in Chicago, United states and its headquarters are also located their only, it was founded by Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky, Brad Keywell.

Groupon is international company and now it was working in more than 23 international countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, India, Spain, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and more. Groupon have all brands of products in one place and there have different categories like Travel, Electronics, Automotive, Health and Fitness, Beauty, Food and Drink.

For this article I spent more time to collect Groupon customer service information like Groupon customer care toll-free phone number, email address and more. Groupon gives good customer service for their customers.


Groupon U.S. & Canada Customer Service Phone Number : (888) 664-4482

This is the customer care number of Groupon and this number will works on Mon to Sun from 8AM to 7PM Central Time. If you are the customer of Groupon and if you have any doubt and you like to get more information regarding Groupon, then make make a call to this number at very first the automated system will response you thank you for calling Groupon customer support and your call maybe monitored or recorded for quality or training purposes.

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  • At very first for security purpose you want to enter your account number
  • If you are calling regarding to promo code
  • If you are looking any other enqueries just visit
  • If you are looking information for item delivery and tracking press 2.
  • If you like to get information related to hotel and travel questions press 3.
  • If you are looking for credit card related to information and update credit card press 4.
  • If want to cancel a purchase or order just press 5.

Groupon update credit card information, add card customer service number:  (888) 375-5777

Live chat support.

Groupon Canada:


Corporate Address
Groupon Inc. (d/b/a Groupon)
600 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 620
Chicago, Illinois 60654.

Groupon Morocco: Email:, Phone: 052296657

Groupon Brasil: Phone:  (21) 3500 8742

Germany: Phone: 01806 000 133

France: Phone:  09 70 73 20 00

Netherlands: Phone:  020 435 0369

Belgium: Phone:  02/894 41 59

United Kingdom: Phone:  020 3510 0444

India Nearby: Phone: 1800-108-3000


Phone: +6221-29529 352 Email:

Ireland: Phone:  019 03 63 37

Italy:  840 800 809

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