How do I Convert PSD Format into normal Image File using Photoshop?

Psd format is the default format of Adobe Photoshop,it is good option because .PSD format is minimized as well as compress the file size and when file size is minimum we can use easy either copy or attach when send to others.

But we can’t use .psd format on all places like upload profile photos to Twitter,Facebook and Google +. They will support or you can only particular formats like .Gif, .Png and .Jpeg. So we have to convert .Psd format to any other formats see the below image what are the supported formats we can Save as in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop all formats

And it is professional tools for making or creating wonderful and digital images, and it includes multiple features and options for making a good visual image, tools like image layers, adjusting sizes and amazing colors schemes.

Lets see how to convert Photos from Adobe Photoshop default format .PSD to Any other formats [JPEG, TIFF , PNG and etc]

Adobe photoshop logo

Step 1:

Power on to your Computer or any other devices[ Laptop or Pc]

Step 2:

Open Adobe Photoshop if you are already installed on your computer, if not you have to Install Photoshop on your Computer.

Step 3:

Now click the keys Ctrl+O using your Computer Keyboard to browse the PSD Files.

Step 4:

Give double click on you selected file to open or Right click and choose Open with Photoshop.

Step 5:

conver psd to other formats

After the file opened on Photoshop, Click the option File at Top Left of the Photoshop. And choose Save As or Use shortcuts Shift+Ctrl+S the select which format you need or want and Save it wherever you need like Desktop or any locations. That’s All.

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