How to Block Unwanted/Spam/Junk Email on iCloud

No one willing to receive spam or junk mails because day-to-day lot of fraud and fake mails are receiving frequently and their asks to enter personal information like bank account details and credit card details and some of them lost their account balance also. Some hackers are targeting to get financial information via email and another reason daily many number of spam mails are receiving and have not time to delete daily, so may want to block or stop spam mails.

Apple given many option to control spam mails on Apple emails, after this article will help you how to stop or block spam and unwanted mails and this article will show you how block particular spam email manually. So keep reading to know how to do.

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How to Block Spam emails in iCloud

block icloud spam mails

First login into your iCloud mail and if your icloud mail has many spam emails nothing to tension just select all spam mails and drag into Junk folder. That’s enough to stop spam emails because Junk folder will automatically report to Apple these are spam.

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If you frequently receiving spam mails again, don’t worry just forward all spam emails into Then will take in-charge to fight against spam mails, finally they will block spam from their apple server itself, then you never get any seams.

block icloud spam mails

How to Filter Spam Email Automatically

In this method you need to create new rule for spam, that means you can block emails selectively. Once you block spam email after you never receive email from that email address, for example you blocked ***** means you can’t receive any emails from this email, I hope you understand the example. Lets see how to block.

Apple supports helps to users who are struggling with spam on iCloud, so here read how to filter spam email automatically, once you done then spam emails never disturb you because all spam emails are automatically goes to junk folder.

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