How to Change Primary SMTP Servers in iCloud?

All time we can’t able to use iCloud email so we need to change the smtp server of iCloud on our iPhone and iPad because for mail forwarding to new smtp server for example or Yahoo Mail. Already you are not having experience about changing SMTP server name and incoming and outgoing mail server.

But in this article I explained briefly how to change SMTP mail server on iCloud account and you can change or setup forward to any other mails. Already I have experience with MobileMe it works fine but I can’t toggle off on primary SMTP server of the iCloud. But in this article without using MobileMe we can able to change primary SMTP serve name of the iCloud.

And some people asking I can’t able to swapping my mail address to sending emails, so we need to setup one primary mail and secondary mails are only want to receive to my primary mail address. I mean Secondary mail emails are need to forward to primary mail inbox.

icloud mail settings

How to Change Primary SMTP Servers in iCloud

Step 1:

Just Go to Home screen and click Settings.

Step 2:

And select iCloud and click Settings.

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Step 3:

You seems their already have email account don’t disturb that.Just create new account and give name as your wish like “Second”.

Step 4:

Now you want click Add Email account.

Step 5:

Here have the field to enter icloud smtp server information like incoming mail server field as or

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Step 6:

At the setup of outgoing mail server field which mail provider you need to forward for example Gmail or Yahoo mail. Their you must enter the Gmail or Yahoo mail information to receive mail from icloud. For example out going mail server

Note: This tips will works on iphone and iPad also like solutions to queries: icloud smtp server settings iphone or iPad.

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