How to Configure your iCloud Email on Android Mobiles

In last post I wrote a topic about sync iCloud to Linux, but today also we are going to see very interesting and trending topics set up your iCloud email account on Android.

All one know iCloud is legally released for Mac device and windows only but when we are like to use icloud on android and other device we need some tricks to setup. Basically iCloud email will works receiving and sending fine on Mac and Windows devices. But whenever you trying to configure icloud mail on Android devices like Samsung, Motorola and LG you will seems some error that is common but most of them didn’t know how to fix these kind of errors. Don’t worry @MTTT always with you for error solving.

First time you are configuring icloud email on android and some other devices you will arise some setup setting doubt. Just continue reading to know how to setup iCloud email on Android and Other devices.

icloud and android

How to Setup iCloud Email on Android Mobiles

First of all open your Email Client and create new account with your apple email address for example: or &&&& and enter icloud password also Need To Access iCloud On Your Android.

This step is manually setup method using IMAP[Internet Message Access Protocol] ie) incoming mail server, continue reading to setup.

icloud mail setup on Android

Step 1:

  • Enter the Server Name as:[lowercase only].

Step 2:

  • And choose the Security type is: SSl and give YES for [SSL Required].

Step 3:

  • And Enter the Port number as : 993
  • Configuration Settings for SMTP Server

Step 4:

  • Enter the Server name as:[lowercase only].

Step 5:

  • Choose SSL Required as: YES.

Step 6:

  • Now Enter the Port address : 587

Step 7:

  • For SMTP authentication required is : YES.

Step 8:

  • Set Security Type is: TLS.

If anyone facing error when you trying login, no problem just once reset your password of your iCloud Account After you try icloud email login on android.

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