How to Dance With Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Google team first started to update algorithms from year 2000 and Google’s updating journey still going on, these updates are good for most of them and sad to some of the people, because after google algorithm updates some website got doubled their previous traffic and some of the website lost their traffic and they are dependent on Google and Google products like Google Adsense, Google Business and some other products. Google always favor with their customers but some peoples doing mistakes so Google taking action against that peoples or blog. But those are doing without mistake definitely Google loves them.

Google updates is to identify who are doing mistakes, updates you no need to worry if don’t make mistakes in your blog incase if you done any mistakes in your website Google defeat you shortly.

Why Google Frequently Refreshing Algorithms

latest google algorithm

Google updating the new features and offering new services to world this is the reason to Google frequently updating and refreshing the algorithms. And one main reason to stop mistakes in blogging and other platforms for these two reasons Google needs to update algorithms.

In Blogging platform those are fully dependent on Google definitely they need to honest with Google.

All Google Update Name Lists and Reasons

Below I mentioned major google algorithm changes.

2014 Google Algorithm Updates

Page Layout Algorithm – February 6, 2014

This updates for those websites have bunch of ads on top or header that websites will be decease the ranking. When visitors landing in to your website page they should identify the difference between contend and advertisements. If your website ranking decreased check your website page layouts.

Google page layout algorithm was first updated in January 19, 2012 after that update same year again updated in October 9, 2012.In February6, 2014 again refreshed page layout algorithm this is second updates in this year.

Targeting French Link Networks – January 31, 2014

These types of updates are very new, to old and new webmasters because never updated these type of algorithm updates in past history. Which website getting unnatural backlinks to your website or giving unnatural backlinks to particular website, those website Google algorithms punished.

2013 Google Algorithm Updates

In 2013 Google updates totally 17 algorithms in that update I listed below major updates like Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird.

Google Authorship Shake-up – December 19, 2013

After December 19, 2013 15% of search queries was disappeared from Google search results because who does not link website with Google authorship profiles. If your website affected from this update you can easily recover just add Google Plus authorship to your website.

Penguin 2.1 – October 4, 2013

This is 5th penguin updates launched by Google, this is not major updates because penguin 2.0 was big update after that update most of the webmasters requested Google to moderate the algorithm.

Hummingbird – August 20, 2013

Hummingbird updates are very worth to day to day technologies world because Google can trace where you are: for example search this sentence “nearest restaurant to me” Google will exactly shows the results.

Hummingbird updates is only for search queries after this update mostly getting traffic from website hosted country because Google identifies where you are using IP address only.

Update Panda Recovery – July 18, 2013

After Google panda big updates roughly 1.2% of website where affected after panda big updates. Google said this update name is “soften” panda updates because Google again modified the algorithm in panda recovery updates.

Penguin 2.0 – May 22, 2013

google penguin algorithm

Google will always fighting with spam, so penguin 2.0 is newest algorithm and very suitable to face against spam. Mutt Cutts is head of Google’s web spam team and he didn’t like spam in the web so he refreshed penguin algorithm.

Panda Big Update January 22, 2013

panda google algorithm

In the Google algorithm history this the biggest panda updates still 2012 for this update 1.2% of search queries where affected.

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How to Avoid Google Penalize to Your Website

Google never Gives Up spam on the web so no one can’t able to mask your website just favor with latest google algorithm changes this is best way to get success on online world.

Keep Friendship with Panda and Penguin

penguin and panda

I am giving some tips and tricks how to don’t hit panda on your website, Google Panda never compromise with mistakes so you just avoid these mistakes.

  • Your website construct with HTML code and site architecture would be complying with Google.
  • Your website fills with high quality content, unique images and add YouTube videos.
  • Google loves always easy navigation websites, so when visitors coming to your website they should identify your content and ad networks.
  • Best to avoid ad heavy pages, if any post pages is heavy with ads just remove ads from that page or delete that page.
  • Always your website should Copyscape free, so don’t pirate copy from other website.
  • If your website linking to low quality or irrelevant website best to remove that kind of low quality backlinks and increase backlinks from high quality and relevant websites.

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    i would also like to say that another reason to updates of Google Algo is to remove Black hat SEO.
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