How to Delete Safari Cookies and History on Mac Computer/iPhone/iPad

In previous post I wrote article about delete particular cookies in chrome browser, but today I am going to writing about how to delete cookies on safari mac. Safari browser is a default web browser for both Mac Computer and Apple iPhone, When you are browsing the cookies was stored on your computer browser as small text files and it saves your details such as your browsed website personal preferences and login username and password information. Even so best to delete cookies and history from your computer browser.

If your browser is safari it is very easy to clear cache and cookies safari, the very easiest method you can done it without any guide like with help of your mouse cursor go to top menu bar option and select History after that just select Clear History.

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Most of the business owners like my father to deleting cookies and history is important because in browser it stored banking password and email account details so you have to clear private information.


Step 1

Click to Open your Safari browser and click the Menu you can see Preferences option in drop down menu and click preferences.

delete safari cookies

Step 2

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After you clicked Preferences then you have to choose the Privacy tab and again click the “Details” option there will display your list of saved browsed cookies.

delete safari cookies1

delete safari cookies2

Step 3

Some of the Mac users asking how to delete individual cookies on my browser? Just select the cookie you give option Remove or you like to delete all cookies just click Remove All option located bottom of the window, and then restart your browser.

delete safari cookies3

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