How To Delete/Clear Browser Cookies/History/Cache on Mac & Windows

Basically Cookies, Cache and History are essential inbuilt option for all web browser, and it needs every web browser users cookies and cache are the temporary memory storage on your browser. Some situation we have to delete cookies, cache and history instantly. History means records of website that you loaded and your activity in browser, it stores temporary in web browser time and date wise. When cache files are stores on your computer browser, next time you load same website again in your browser it loads speedy compare to first time you browsed, cache and cookies taking in-charge of saving website in web browser on local memory.

In case your website is modified after your last visiting on particular webpage that time your browser automatically update cache and it loads the new updated content incase it loads old cached content you need to delete cache from your browser. Okay now get in to the point let’s see how to delete browser cookies, cache and history on Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

How To Delete Safari Browser Cache,Cookies and History

Safari browser is Apple product it was developed by Apple company, In Safari browser some what hard to delete Cookies, Cache and History both computer and mobiles.

  • First of all you need to restart your Safari browser.
  • And Press Alt key on your computer keyboard, now you can see Menu on top of the Browser. And Click History -> Clear History it’s last option.

safari browser clear history


  • Again Press Alt Key on your computer keyboard and now select Edit option and choose Empty Cache after then small window will be open give Empty to delete Cache on your safari browser or simply click Ctrl+Alt+E to delete cache.

clear cache on safari browser

How To Delete Firefox Browser Cache,Cookies and History

In Mozilla Firefox web browser very easy to delete browser cookies, cache and history within one click, just follow the simple guide

  • First Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser on your computer.
  • After you Started Firefox choose Menu it was located top of the Browser and Click History and choose Clear Recent History otherwise simply Click Ctrl+Shift+Delete a small window will be open just give Clear now to delete cookies, cache and history on firefox.

clear cookies cache history on firefox

How To Delete Internet Explorer Browser Cache,Cookies and History

Internet Explorer is the default web browser in Windows operating system and very easy to delete cache, browser and history. Internet explorer is the best and secure browser for windows users. Now let’s see how to delete cache, cookies and history on Internet explorer.

  • Just open Internet Explorer Web Browser.
  • And click Ctrl+Shift+Delete from your keyboard then a small window will be open, then you click Delete to clear history, cache and cookies.

Internet explorer clear history cookies cache

How To Delete Google Chrome Browser Cache,Cookies and History

Google chrome browser is my favorite browser and it is speed browser for both computer and mobiles, in Chrome browser very simple to delete history, cookies and cache.

  • Go to Google Chrome Browser
  • And then Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys from your keyboard, a new tab will be opened automatically you can clear browsing data now chrome browser cookies, history and cookies.

clear cache history cookiec in google chrome

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