How to Disable Automatically Playing Videos: Facebook, Youtube and Dailymotion

Facebook and some social networking websites automatically loads videos and some videos Ads this features is really annoying because due to this feature users getting angry, when it automatically play with sound it will irritating to some others not only this one it will  eats fully users GPRS data charges, if in your mobile you are enables this option sometimes scrolling the web pages the video will be automatically play, this is bad feature but why can’t stop this kind features  still now? But users definitely want to prevent these features.

They given options to enable or disable by users, so no one need worry below I given solutions to this issue and select which gadgets you are using.

Disable Automatically Plays Videos: Google Chrome for Computer:

To disabling automatically playing videos this option is available to all kind of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and some other browsers and this setting are all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

1. Install any one browser like Google Chrome and open it.

2. Copy paste chrome://settings/content this one into your browser url field and press Enter.

3. After that one setting window will open now.

4. Just scroll and you can find Plug-ins as titled.  If you want to block all websites like Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion and some stupid websites.

Disable Auto Plays Videos

5. There is option you can disable particular websites also press Manage exceptions.

Disable Automatically Plays Videos

Disable Automatically Plays Videos: iPhone and iPad:

If you are using Apple products like iPhone and iPad means follow below techniques to disable automatically playing videos when some websites open.

1. Directly go to Settings and find out the Facebook Setting.

Disable Automatically Plays Videos for iphone and ipad

2. You can choose what option manually which setting you need like play when you connected with wifi.

Disable Automatically Plays Videos: Android Mobiles:

This issue on android mobiles also the users getting angry on website, here no need to angry I have the tips to solve this issue.

1. Open your Facebook Application in your Android mobile.

2. Login in your facebook account.

3. You must need select Menu option and choose Setting.

4. After that setting window will be open then give setting as in below image.

Disable Automatically Plays Videos Android Mobiles

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