How to Find Out your iPhone is How Many GB?

Most of them using iPhone or any other mobile phone devices without knowing their device configuration. This article really helps you how to find your iPhone is how many GB.

It is very essential to know before when you bought and you have to plan I need those configuration devices I need based on your requirements.

Basically your mobile configurations was saved in your mobile itself under settings. And I am using iPhone 5 it is 1GB RAM and it’s internal storage is 64GB.

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iphone configurations

Lets Go how to check your iPhone is how many GB

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Step 1:

Take your iPhone and go “Settings“, which icon located on your iPhone Home Screen for easy navigate.

Step 2:

And Choose “General” setting then after you have to select the option “About” now you can visible your iPhone information

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Step 3:

And you can also find how much GB is your iPhone under Capacity section it seems on display. And also you can easily identify how much free space is remaining under Available section.

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