How to Find System Icons Location on Mac OS X

In Mac OS X is my favorite operating system, for some newbie Mac users asking where was the default system icons on Mac OS X. Enhance virtually almost all located inside the Finder and desktop,the go into default folder icons which was from ranging, all default icons are stored on original resources in your hard disks and perhaps the Finder sidebar items also network devices and some toggles found all through OS X. The original resources can access the system icons and your all default installed application within installed operating system.

How to Find Location & Access All Mac OS X System Icons:

First of all you have to know to find the locations of OS X system icons default location path are


If you like to navigate manually system folder from Finder or Terminal and also excellent idea to create shortcut or already have the shortcuts best to go immediately. In system CoreServices folder just give right click on CoreTypes.bundle and once more click the Show Package Contents.

Mac OS X system icons

Start up Finder window again and enter the Keys Command+Shift+G and enter the below code for to access the folder with help of path.


In this directory have many files with default format of .icns and most of new files like image and movie formats doesn’t support so you have to change the default option to open all files.

Mac OS X system icons1

In your operating system .icns format are stored in the Mac OS X ie) in your computer you have double check before open file which was what format .icns or other best to preview option is File > Export under Menu bar of Preview.

icloud control panel for windows3

How to Modify Mac System Icons

Whether all system icons .icns files you can modify directly moreover. And also you modify the system icons yourself as .icns files directly you can preview and choose which one selected.

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