How to Fix Automatic iCloud Backup not Working on iPhone?

We discussed more and more about Apple iCloud related articles, but today we are all going see about how to make icloud automatic backup and how to troubleshoot errors occurring when your icloud back was not working. Apple legally started cloud based storage named as iCloud, Apples offers free space 5GB to every users. In that space you can store any file on your allocated space. Okay lets see How to Back Up iPhone, iPad Using iCloud?

Here you can learn about iCloud automatic backup setup guide on your Apple devices.


Straightly go to Settings


Now select iCloud then choose Storage & Backup.


In under Backup you can turn on the switch for your iCloud Backup service.

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After then now scroll the page down to Storage & Backup and tap it.

icloud setting


Choose now the third choice shown named as Manage Storage.


You can Press Show All Apps add apps to store on your iCloud.

Fix Automatic iCloud Backup not Working on iPhone

Sometimes when you sign to your iTunes account and also iCloud, But when your iPhone plug into charge the wifi connections will works well on manual mode. At same time it works automatic sync using wifi connection but won’t work  automatically iCloud backups. Now lets see how to fix it?

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Delete your iCloud profile in iPhone


Now again reconnect the icloud profile


Now you get message sync automatically: Success!

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3 Comments to How to Fix Automatic iCloud Backup not Working on iPhone?

  1. Bert

    It doesn’t work. iCloud back up still fails. 4.9g free in iCloud and I’m only backing up 67mb.

  2. M kamrul

    Mine never works manual or automatic, iphone care couldnt even help me, i had long session with them (3 times ) on phone. Using IOS 9.2.1. Frustrated with my new iphone.

  3. Ali Moula

    Struggle a lots with email and password,really need help,or have to stop my devices.when i was on holiday abroad,my grand child used my devices. I can t back to my email and password.For peoples retired, you give them lots of password..?

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