How to Fix: Find my iPhone says iPhone is Offline in iCloud

Really Find my iPhone is good feature and option also to find lost/theft/missed apple devices. When the users are in trying to use the Find my iPhone option sometimes they will get the error messages like your iphone is offline. This is not a big problem in this article I am going to show how to fix the error Find my iPhone says your iPhone is offline.

Most of the apple users rumoring on some mac forums : I am using iphone and when I am trying to log in to icloud on my iphone which log in successfully but when I am trying to use Find my iPhone but it says your apple device are offline. How to correct this error.

This error is really bad because when the users are in tension because of they lost their apple device and when they trying to find using Find my iPhone but it also shows error means, users will get double tension.

So, don’t worry I am helping you how to fix this error permanently.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone says iPhone is offline in iCloud

It’s my experience: One month before I lost my iphone and came to use Find my iphone to manage my device and I tried to loged in my iCloud account and I tried to use Find my iPhone feature to showing up iphone is “Offline” but I my mobile has 3G connection just before I browsed on my iPhone.

If you also facing same kind of issue just keep reading and follow all methods.

Step 1:

Go to Home screen and click the Settings icon.

Step 2:

And Click the iCloud. Double check the Find your iPhone is ON.

Step 3:

Now you need to disable Location Services and Find my iPhone.

Step 4:

Now Re-enable the feature, now try definitely it will works fine, I tried already, it works for me..

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3 Comments to How to Fix: Find my iPhone says iPhone is Offline in iCloud

  1. Eddy

    We only use it when we lost our iPhone if u already lost it how are you go a use it to on and off again?

  2. Jeanne

    Thanks so much for the simple directions. I did not realize there were settings in both the location services and the iCloud settings that had to be set. DOH! Now my phone is showing up and I can ping it. Which is good, since I misplace my phone in my house all the time!

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