How to Fix: Grayed Out Songs on iPhone/iPod iTunes Match

Grayed out songs error is big error to iPhone and iPad user because when listening songs on iphone or iPad the grayed songs will disturb listing mood. But you know why his error arising? no problem I am here to tell you why grayed out songs error are arising on your iPhone or iPad and how to fix this error.

Why Grayed Out Songs Comes on iPhone or iPad? Why this error comes? it is one of a sync problem when it occurs on your device that time grayed out songs error will occur. If you deleted any songs on your computer and you not updated on iTunes, if that deleted songs still listing on your iTunes and when it sync with your iPhone, missed or deleted songs will displays as grayed out songs. So when your music player trying to play it can’t able to play because it may corrupted or deleted or modified. Now understood?

In this article you will get how to fix grayed list of songs and files list on your apple gadgets.

greyed out songs on iphone

Method 1 to Fix grayed out Songs:

You should want to fix this grayed out error means you need make ReSync on your iPhone with your iTunes. Because when you sync is processing if any network problem done the grayed out error may chance to occur. So you ReSync properly.

Method 2 to Fix grayed out Songs:

This is method 2 to fix grayed out error, when your songs are moved to another folder may chance to occur on iTunes so grayed out error occurs. So check the files are in correct folder.

And recheck your iTunes library then automatically your playlist and libraries are refreshed and detect correct songs only. You can slectively refresh grayed songs only on you iPhone or iPad.

How to fix: grayed out songs and empty playlists on iPhone or iPad Match

To fixing grayed out songs on iPhone with iTunes match also very simple, First of all you need to Disable iTunes Match and after 60 seconds Enable it. Now you can see the warning for replace the music library on this device now click enable. Now the grayed out playlist and songs are automatically disappear only iTunes library only appear.

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