How to Fix: iCloud Error “Cannot Load Mail” and “Cannot Get Mail”

Right now we are going to see the topic about iCloud and past days I covered topics 1. fix iCloud automatic backup not working 2. change primary account email. 3. fix iControl panel installation error on windows. Today I am selected the topic iCloud email send ans receive errors, basically when you upgrading your iCloud account,the errors “Cannot Load Mail” and “Cannot Get Mail” will be occurred. It is not a big issue I will give simple tips and tricks to solve this error.

After upgraded your iCloud account successfully, and Sync also will be done successfully but whenever you trying to check your mail Inbox on your any iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, you will see the error “Cannot Get Mail.The username or password for icloud is incorrect, but their you entered correct username and password only. And you can see another magic your device contacts and calenders will sync successfully on the device.

icloud mail send receive errors

It is the second error whenever you going to login your iCloud, when you try to open Mail app on safari browser, you will get the error “Cannot Load Mail. Help Apple improve iCloud by reporting this problem” here also except mail opening all services will be work like calender and add new contacts.

Let’s see How to Fix iCloud Error “Cannot Load Mail” and “Cannot Get Mail”

Step 1:

Go to iCloud Setting and Disable the Mail and Notes.

Step 2:

Now go to Settings and select the service Mail, Contacts and Calenders.

Step 3:

In step 1 you removed your mail from iCloud so now you have to Add new account, follow step 4.

Step 4:

Select the Add Account and choose Other now select Add Mail Account.

Step 5:

Now enter your iCloud mail account in IMAP tab.

Setup the Incoming Mail Server as

Host Name:

Setup the Outgoing Mail Server as

Host Name:

If you all done now go to iCloud Settings and Enable Emails and Notes again now try sync.

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