How to Fix it? iPhone, iPad Stuck on Reboot Loop, Won’t Restore

Sometime’s human being may stuck when they do work hard on some situation, this issue is also same when your device getting stuck on some situation like restore, updating iOS and some hardware problems. Once this error occur your gadget didn’t work and Apple logo icon does’t work for going to next what to do. If you are trying to go next step for clicking any option but it again opens boot option.

This error occur due to malfunctioning device battery connecting, during software update and jail breaking OS. And this error can easily solving on many ways so no need to worry about how to fix continuously stuck when restore or some times on you gadget. Keep reading to fix the issues quickly

  • Download the iTunes that should be latest version that may be Windows or iOS.
  • And now you should be link your gadget iPhone or iPad into computer.
  • And after connected gadget now open iTunes.
  • Now you need to change your gadget into recover mode use this way press and hold sleep and home button up to your gadget recovery mode.
  • And now you can whatever can do like update or restore or any other process you can do it on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Or you still facing issue again means restore your previous backup. It takes some time to setup wait until all process complete.

Hard Reset iPhone

In case your device may it iPhone or iPad press the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds till the Apple logo appears.

Turn On/Off Cellular

In comment section one of our visitors told his experiance once a day he faced this loos stuck issue his iphone he turn on or off the cellular option easily can fix.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings


In some cases users may change simultaniously change into custom setting so restore your iPhone to its original factory settings after it comes fresh iphone. After you restore your backups using itunes later.

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