How to Forward your Yahoo Mail to iCloud Email

I am using iCloud mail is primary mail and for secondary I am using Yahoo mail and Gmail so I can’t able check mail on all mail providers, So I decided to Gmail and Yahoo mail setup mail forwarding to my primary mail icloud.

Already I setup Gmail automatically forwarding to my iCloud mail and I am getting mail also, but I am seems some error on to setup yahoo mail forwarding to iCloud. After working hard I found the issue and also solution why I am not receiving mail after forwarded to Yahoo mail to iCloud. Keep reading to know How to setup Yahoo mail forward to iCloud mail.

icloud and Yahoo mail forward

Step 1 :

Go to Yahoo Mail page and Sign in at present.

Step 2:

And now you have to click Settings.

Step 3 :

After you landing Setting page then you click the Accounts option.

Step 4 :

Now Click the Edit here having option to forward your Yahoo mail address to any Email under Yahoo.

Step 5 :

If you like to access you Yahoo mail after Forwarded Just make sure Forward under Access.

Step 6 :

Now Enter the Email address where to forward that is) where to receive your all yahoo mail.

Step 7 :

Click Save.

Step 8:

If you have entered an email address not yet verified as accessible to you with Yahoo! Mail:

Step 9 :

Click OK.

Now click to save then you will show warning”the email address not yet verified as access to you with Yahoo! mail. Just Click OK.

Step 10 :

Now you need to check the email address which yahoo mail forward messages from Yahoo! Member Services <yahoo-account-> with all the subject, you need to Verify This Email Address.

Step 11 :

In the email, Just click to Verify “[email address]”.

Step 12 :

Then Click to Save.

I tried all steps to setup to forward my yahoo mail to iCloud mail and I am getting now all mails in my iCloud mai.

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

To forward yahoo mail to any other mail address like Gmail,Hotmail and etc it’s very simple to setup just follow above all steps and enter where to forward like [******* or *****]. Now all your yahoo mails are automatically forwarded to you entered mail address.

If you can’t forward your yahoo email to another email means post on comments

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