How to Install Android OS on Your PC or Laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Latest smartphones and tablets manufactured with multiple features like Samsung, Micromax, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and etc, Peoples getting interest to buy latest smartphones like Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry ,LG, Micromax,Sony Ericsson and apple product iPhone because it is comfortable to use and it has multi features. Today I am going to describe how to install Android OS on PC . I short term Android users are suddenly increased because inbuilt with many features and millions of application developed for Android Operating System and it is low cost and comfortable to use, so it attracted the peoples. Just come to the point, definitely everyone already installed anyone operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac in your computer and you’re no need to format or delete already installed OS and below I detailed how install Android OS on computer without deleting any files.

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Why You Want to Install Android OS on PC?

When you’re sleeping, some questions will be arise in your mind “Why I want to install Android” in my pc or laptop? and sure I am it is amazing question, are you got answer? I don’t know but I got the best answer. Many applications and games are developed for Android OS, when you’re watching in your friend’s mobile or in some advertisement definitely you’ll like to play or handle that applications or games but didn’t have android mobile don’t worry just install Android OS in your PC it is very easy to install android on desktop and enjoy which applications you like to use and what games you like to play in computer.

How to Install Android OS on PC or Laptop

  • Download VirtualBox software as per Windows, Linux or Mac and Install in to your computer using this software not only Android OS you can install any OS.
  • After installed VirtualBox now you get ready to install Android OS if you already have Android OS ,download android os for pc or get it here.
  • After downloaded then extract the OS there you will be see the file named as VMLiteVirtualBox Machine Definition (.vbox)
  • Double click “VirtualBox Machine Definition (.vbox) “file to install.

Why I am Seems Some Error When Installing Android OS in PC ?

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine VMLite-Android-v4.0.4.


Implementation of the USB 2.0 controller not found!

Because the USB 2.0 controller state is part of the saved VM state, the VM cannot be started. To fix this problem, either install the 'Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack' or disable USB 2.0 support in the VM settings (VERR_NOT_FOUND).

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How to fix Implementation of the USB 2.0 controller not found error just change USB settings as per below image.


Congrats to PC Android Mobile


Now you can use you computer as mobile just fun.


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