How to Make Free Mobile Call From Internet Using Numbertank

Today many applications and services are developed to make call freely but there is limited applications and services are available for to make free mobile call from internet. Some chatting application and websites like Google+, Facebook chat and Yahoo Messenger are added voice talk feature it is not suitable and comfortable for to talk on mobile. Incidentally I found one way to make free mobile call from internet that name was NumberTank.

Numbertank website

About Numbertank Reviews and Features:

Numbertank is a services developed by Shantai Technologies which allows you can make free call to any mobile phones from your browser. Numbertank is website you can make free call to any mobile and country, its specialty is you can enjoy 30 minutes free call daily. Number tank free calls having some special features daily you can make 30min free call to mobile, before that you have to login to use 30 free minutes every day.


There having option to make more free minutes by completing your offers in Nubmertank homepage find out and click on ‘Earn more free minutes’ viewed right underneath your free minutes counting on your homepage.

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 How to use Numbertank :

  • First you have to Register on Numbertank using your email and mobile number the automatically receive verification code to your mobile number. Click here for direct and free registration link and numbertank registration number
  • You can invite your friends and family members using email id and mobile number, if that friends and family members are accepted and they registered you can make call.

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Numbertank App for Android, iPhone, Java Mobile

Number Tank recently launched Android application to download, it’s a service can only use on your mobile or computer browser. Numbertank services can only use from browers. But you can use it your mobile browser.

Shantai Technologies developing Application also for Android, iPhone and other smart phone, For android smartphones Shantai Technologies now developing Numbertank Android application and they upload to Google Play. Some of the Android users are searching on internet “Numbertank App for Android ” still now not released or developed and also for iPhone or any mobiles. My friend asked me how to free download numbertank  and Android numbertank free call download ? I answered ! It’s not a application download it’s a website you have to use it from browser.

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Numbertank not Working:

Numbertank website would not be load or open Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari it opens on only Google Chrome Browser because it is comfortable for Numbertank. You can only able to call who are registered in this website without register you can’t able to make call. Numbertank Android App Free Download: Click here

Get it our free App:

36 Comments to How to Make Free Mobile Call From Internet Using Numbertank

  1. NumberTank Provides to users can use 30Mins Free Web to Phone Calling, and it is a best method to make call free to any body mobile number. Thanks for sharing worth information.

    • c.l choudhary

      sir my numbertank no sound coming pl any guide for me

      • Whateva

        Yes you are a good writer believing their hype.

  2. Numbertank is the best and working method to make free international calls from PC to Phone in India.

  3. Stalin

    Number tank is not working anymore to me, call is not connecting even though i have 100 min calling time.

    Regars Stalin

    • Yes sure Number Tank wouldn’t work anymore on some browsers because it’s developer mistake but users facing some problems but here having some quick solutions try it Google chrome above 35th version.

    • Is really available Android Number Tank app free call download because I am addicted to Numbertank.

  4. yosief

    hi guys can any one of you send me invitesion in yosieflulu@gmail,com so i can join it fast

    • Shaik

      hi guys can any one of you send me invitesion in yosieflulu@gmail,com so i can join it fast

  5. settu sms

    numbertank not working some time & which browser best pls help me……………….

  6. mudassir

    am facing a lot of problems on numbertank with my mobile number.. if anyone can possible to solve these problems as soon as possible….

  7. berlin

    Please tell me how to use number tank 30 minutes in my android mobile…. Please send me the link in my mail… Please send me sir….

    • Ravi

      In your android mobile goto play store and type numbertank in search and install. Then U can call.

  8. yogesh meena

    sir,In this unable to speak sound.
    plz give me some exact sujjection

  9. Nazim

    I am also facing the problem with Numbertank.I am even using Google chrome but still the audio quality despite complaining also their is no response from them.

  10. chiru

    Please tell me how to use number tank 30 minutes in my android mobile
    Please send me the link in my mail… Please send me sir.

  11. Srikanth

    Do we have numbertank app available for Iphone?

  12. bandhan roul

    i can’t login to my account.if i use forget password they send me the password to the mail address but the the password is not working is keep on saying incorrect password.i want to change the password but without login i can’t.pls can any 1 help me.

  13. mushal

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This Number tank fist sigin pc now pc not working plz how do long in pc and how do Register sir plz tell me
    and thank you for number tank .

  14. zzzzz

    Number tank use pannanuna cl panravanga 2ndu perumy numbertsnk vachirkanuma

  15. nidhi

    numbertank’s login page is not working corectly since there is no login tab anywhere…….alll i can see is its also available in google chrome and all.
    please someone guide me how to login successfully into it

  16. muzammil

    i already downloaded the application to my samsung phone from playstore, but i cant sign up or registe in the app.when i enter my email address and submit it only running more time nothing else,
    can anyone help me?

  17. srikanth

    this app is not working properly present days,it is good when it is pc support site so plz make it for both pc as well as andriods
    plz plz my hummable request to number tank developers

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