How to Minimize All Open Window with One Click

For those situation on office or home who may have needs to open many windows at one time on your computer, after you opened several window definitely you think how to bulk minimize all opened windows. Don’t think more how to minimize all window at once it is simple trick, just keep reading.

When you opened several window on your computer sometimes computer will be hang such a critical situation some window don’t close, using this idea you can minimize.

Method 1:

If you would like to view instantly desktop in Windows without minimizing opened windows on your computer. And also minimize a window without using mouse, and also you can Minimize All Open Window with keyboard shortcut if you like to reopen all window means press same key Windows+D. And you minimize window on mac also with certain key option.

Method 2:

Minimize All Open Windows Without Having Windows Button

And also having another method to look at the Desktop without minimizing all windows and you need to use Peek, keep positioned your mouse pointer on ‘Show Desktop‘ icon without click, if you click means all window will be minimized and to reopen all window same as the option click again.

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