How to Move/Transfer Files from Mac to iPad

Already many blogs and websites wrote article about how to transfer or move files from Mac computer to iPad using USB Cables or iTunes sync, but in this article I wrote, how to transfer files from Mac computer to iPad without using USB and iTunes sync. I spend my endless effort to find some software for moving files from mac pc to iPad.

The wonderful application is called FLICK using this app we can transfer files from mac pc to ipad without connecting USB cables. Flick app is now currently available for only Mac devices. You can download here Flick App.

Today I am showing how to move files epub books from your mac computer to ipad device, if you already have any books on your mac computer using this application you can move easily to ipad. If you like to move files just follow below steps.

Step 1:

First of all you need to Install Flick app on both your Computer and iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:

And then click the epub book[ you choose any file] on your mac computer.

Step 3:

In top of the Menu bar you click the Flick and then choose your iBooks which one is you need to move.

Flick app is now available for Android also: Flick РAndroid Apps on Google Play

This app is completely free for iOS, Mac and Android using this app you can share photos,notes, any documents and also contacts also, and share files and also delete it easily.

For More details you read this app on website

How to Transfer Files from iPad to Mac

move files from mac to iPad

Above we saw about how to move any files from Mac to iPad using Flick App, First of all you need to connect Mac computer and iPad using USB cable the you need to wait a moment then your iPad will be detect on your computer.

move files from mac to iPad

Then you can see their your iPad files on your computer window, now select your files you wish to move files to Mac. Or select the files which you need to move, after you selected the files now click Export option which located top of the menu.Then transferring files from iPad to Mac instantly.

Get it our free App:

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