How to Permanently Delete iCloud Account

[highlight type=”e.g. yellow, black, green, red, grey”] Content [/highlight]Everyone has one reason to delete icloud account, after decide to delete icloud account once again re decide if you want to delete because once you delete the iCloud account means your stored files also will be deleted. So be aware and double conform to delete.

You know already using iCloud services you can sync files to mac computers, Apple iPhone and iPad and also ipod. If you are no longer to use icloud here after, if you are decide to delete icloud account permanently note: after deleting you can’t access files and your calender, email messages and you stored files also.

How to Delete iCloud Account on iPhone/iPad

Step 1:

Take your iPhone or iPad and Press Home button.

Step 2:

And now click the Settings option after press the iCloud.

Step 3:

Now scroll down at end of the icloud page you can see the Delete Account.

Step 4:

delete icloud account

Click to Delete Account, after you delete you will see the conform popup window will be open “If you delete your account, all documents and photo stream photos stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPad.”

delete icloud account conform

Step 5:

Click Delete option to Delete.

How to Delete iCloud Account on Windows

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Step 1:

Power On your Windows computer and Search the “iCloud Control Panel” You can see the icloud control panel in search result.

Step 2:

Just click the iCloud control panel it will opens automatically.

Step 3 :

Now click sign out option to delete account.

How to Delete iCloud Account on Mac OS X Devices

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Step 1:

Directly On your Apple device and Click the Apple Logo it located top of the window.

Step 2:

After than click the menu option System Preferences.

Step 3:

Then after click the iCloud button and click Sign Out option to delete iCloud account.

Using this tips and tricks you can cancel/delete/deactivate/disable your icloud account easily. Try it on your own risk.

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16 Comments to How to Permanently Delete iCloud Account

  1. Frances

    My daughter set up our icloud years ago when we first got the Ipad with the wrong email address. I have tried to change it, but she forgot the password she used and instead of the option to delete icloud I have signout, which when pressed asks for the password. how do I get around this?

  2. Harish Bali

    Thank you for sharing this info Shanmugam…
    This is really useful for iphone users… But can you tell me that if the user dont know his icloud password and cant reset it. Then is their any way to delete icloud account from iphone without password….

    Harish Bali

  3. Darren

    You simply showed us how to remove the accounts from our devices. The iCloud account is still there, you haven’t gotten rid of it – just prevented it from being associated with some of your Apple devices.

    • Karl

      Hey Darren , Hope you are well , so reading your bolg , my partner and myself were asking ourselves the same question , Did you shut down your iCloud account , and if so how did you do about it , We don’t want an iCloud account , yours sincerely Karl

  4. hello

    Darren^^^ was absolutely correct: you didn’t show how to CLOSE an iCloud account?

  5. Wendy Smith

    I have disabled my icloud account BUT my friends and family are still getting my photos from the i-cloud account (days later and at all hours of the night.)
    I have tried to DELETE this account totally BUT when I follow your instructions My apple iphone 4s doesn’t have a place in “Settings” to actually Delete or Cancel account (as your instructions advise)
    Pleae help me through this situation.

  6. Lorraine cochesa

    Sir what if icloud account is unverified but my apple id is okay then when im going to sign out the unverified icloud it keeps asking for apple id password i put my apple id password but its always saying incorrect. How is that? I cant turn off find my iphone because its in gray label can touch it.

  7. Mario Santos

    Man I hate Apple with a passion because of things like this.

    My wife set up her account a long time ago and she’s forgotten the password. Unfortunately at the time (and unknown to me) she had set up an ex friend as the backup contact for password recovery. She no longer speaks or has any dealings with this ex friend who has since moved out of town and we have no way of contacting.
    I have since set up a new ICloud account by using a new e-mail address but trying to get in to it, it doesn’t 1) recognize the password; 2) it says that the address isn’t connected with an ICloud account; 3) when I try to set up a new ICloud account using the e-mail address that it says isn’t connect to an account, I get a message saying that the e-mail address is already connected to an ICloud account and therefore I can’t use it.
    OMG, it’s the most frustrating feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life.

  8. Literally Ridiculously Obsessed Over Him

    I obsessed over my first true love enough to the point I made his name as my iCloud e-mail address. Now, I have finally decided to move on-because things between my true love and me are literally extremely horrible. I must permanently delete the account in order to move on with my life. Can you please help me??!! Thank you!

  9. Raven

    Hi I have factory rest my iPad and when I try to get into the iPad it asked for my iCloud account and when i put in the correct password it says that this account may not be allowed to use on this device . How do I permantely delete this account so it does not exist or how can I get through this

  10. Shankar Das

    What is the answer for this? ‘How to Permanently Delete iCloud Account’

  11. Cathy Dennin

    I do not want an iCloud account. I have removed all my external devices…phone, iPad… but how do i completely delete the account from my computer and from my life???

  12. Cathy Dennin

    I do not want an iCloud account. I have removed all my external devices…phone, iPad… but how do i completely delete the account from my computer and from my life??? This is not a duplicate comment.

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