How to Permanently Delete or Hide Purchased Apps on iCloud

One year before I purchased a game and I am installed on my iCloud, in my iCloud store has many apps but 3 three are unwanted apps to me, Yesterday I tried to delete that apps and history but it not deleting and it not removing from purchased list.

I searched my queries “how to delete unwanted apps on iCloud” on internet but I didn’t got any correct solutions and methods to remove the apps from icloud. Later I tried my own trick to delete or hide purchased apps on iCloud first time I am also struggled to make delete but lately I found the solution, and I am successfully deleted the unwanted apps.

All purchased history was stored on iCloud like application data and iTunes musics and your device settings also here only storing. Sometimes you may have chance to download worthless app later we realize this app no need, then when you like to remove completely from your iCloud.

Note: Apple didn’t allows you to delete apps from your iCloud but they allowed to hide any apps from your icloud account, and hidden apps are didn’t occupy any space. So no need to worry, lets see  how do i delete purchased apps from my icloud.

How to Hide Unwanted Apps On your iCloud

You just follow all steps for hiding unwanted apps from your iCloud account purchased history.

Step 1:

Directly go iTunes store and login with your user ID and password.

Step 2:

After login successfully now click the Purchased it will seems right side of windows. It will shows your purchased history record.

Step 3:

Now you are able to see the Menus are Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps and Books under Purchased category. Just you choose Apps only because you going to hide.

Step 4:

Now just move your pointer at top of the App, their will indicates you “X” mark left side of the app.

delete icloud purchased apps

Step 5:

Now Click it that “X” to hide that App.Now that apps wouldn’t shows you.

delete icloud purchased apps1

How to Delete Unwanted Apps Permanently from iCloud

Just follow above steps and conform the app which apps are you hide and what are the hidden apps showing on purchased history.

If still now that hided purchased apps seems you no problem, keep reading to delete permanently

Step 1:

Go to Settings

Step 2:

Now click the iTunes and select App Store.

Step 3:

Then click on your Apple ID and click Sign Out for to clearing purchase history.

Step 4:

Now Sign in with your Apple ID and password now check the hidden apps are never shows to you. Are you OK?

How to Unhide your Hidden App on iCloud

If you changed mind like I need to restore my hidden apps as visible don’t worry it unhiding also very simple, follow steps:

Login your iTunes account and click the Account option and also scroll down then you can able to see the option View Hidden Purchases.

restore deleted apps on icloud1

Now click the Hidden Purchases screen button and choose Apps tab then you can see here hidden apps. If you wish to unhide that apps means move your pointer at over the app, then their indicates to unhide, click that unhide option now it will be restored and it will shows on iCloud purchases.

restore deleted apps on icloud2

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