How to Protect Your AdSense from Click Bombing Invalid Activity

I leaved long gap to cover topics related to Google Adsense because Google 100% favor and flexible to Google Adsense Publishers so mostly Adsense Publishers maintaining Adsense account without any pressure. And Google offering many option to Adsense Publishers like DFP [DoubleClick for Publishers] and Google officially developed Google Publisher Plugin. Google Publisher Plugin which only developed for completely Adsense Publisher using this plugin you can manage Ads placement from your website dashboard.


What are the Problems Google Adsense Publishers Facing Frequently

#1 Click Bombing Problem and Invalid Click Activity:

I don’t know when Google take action against Protect  AdSense account,  most of the Adsense publishers getting click bombing problem, basically we and Google can’t to do anything against this issue because [ this is my story ] few months ago my enemies continuously clicking my website adsense ad for this I informed to Google via this form, my bad luck I didn’t get any mail or response from Google after few days my Adsense account was Disabled. But lately I am contentiously requested to reinstant my account but, my Adsense account was successfully reinstant on 5 request.

Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled. We recommend checking your email inboxes for any messages we may have sent you regarding your account status. Sometimes our messages can be caught by email filters, so please be sure to check the Bulk/Spam folders of your email accounts as well.
If your account was disabled for invalid click activity, please visit our Disabled Account FAQ for more information.


Now you will be arise question how to solve Click Bombing Problem and Invalid Activity ? It is good question on correct time, here having successful solution. Below I briefed how to Detect if Someone is Bombing Your Adsense Account

1. This is good idea just remove your adsense code from your site for few days.

2. You can block particular countries visitors to access or see your website using .HTACESS

3. I suggested to use Who Sees Ads Plugin

4. Tracking the click bombers who and where are they using first you have to connect Google Adsense and Analytics  using this one you can able to identify who is more time on your website and you can able to know IP address, Operating system , Browser and more information’s about visitors.

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4 Comments to How to Protect Your AdSense from Click Bombing Invalid Activity

  1. paras kala

    Great points you listed about the invalid clicks and click bombing.It is very neccessary to save our account from our haters.

  2. Hari Prasad Chaudhary

    Wow ! Very informative article about click bombing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sukhen Tanchangya

    Thanks for your helpful information provide in this article, I see that – “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years (Who Sees Ads Plugin)”, this is safe for my wordpress blog?

    Sukhen Tanchangya

  4. Ankur

    My adsense is also disabled by click booming . how to get it back ?

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