How to Save your Laptop Battery Charge Usage in Windows

Laptops are advanced to Pc or Desktop because it’s where ever we can carry, travel home to office workstation or any other places. And important is when you are planed to travel or trip you have to take care on laptop battery usage, you have to control wasting or spending unnecessary battery charge, running unwanted applications or programs on background or minimize mode, you should quit the applications with help of Task Manager just click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select last option named as Task Manager only for Windows OS.

Laptop battery management is moreover equal to business management if you spend money for unwanted definitely you loose your business same as laptop battery management if you not control battery usage for unwanted application or program running your battery would be empty within short time.

How to Extend Laptop Battery Charge

So you have to balance your Laptop Battery Charge so give correct settings for laptop battery settings. Give Right Click on Battery which was located Right Bottom of the Display, Select Balanced Option to save your laptop battery charge.

save laptop battery charge

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