How to Remote Lock your iPhone/iPad/Mac with iCloud

Remote lock is very essential feature to all apple device users because any time may have chance to loss or miss the devices. So using remote lock you can.

  • You can Turn off Find My iPhone on your device
  • Erase your device Data
  • Activate or Reactivate and use your device

Find My iPhone is good feature and it mainly designed for prevent some one using your apple devices iphone, ipad or mac after stolen.

Find My iPhone remote lock

How to Enable Remote Lock on Apple devices iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac

Whenever you enable the option My iPhone on your apple device iPhone, iPad, iPod and mac. That time your Apple ID was safely stored on Apple server and it was connected with your device. The stolen member cant able to turn off the this option because it asks password when you turn on and turn off.

Following procedure to Turn on Remote Lock on iCloud

Step 1:

First of all you need login to with your correct Apple ID and password.

Step 2:

Now click iCloud Dashboard and Navigate to Find my iPhone option.

Step 3:

Now choose your device location on the map.

Step 4:

Now click Remote Lock which is a option you can lock your device with password.

Step 5:

Now Remote Wipe feature will be used when your device lost and you can manage your lost device.

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