How to Setup Family Sharing on iPhone, iPad and iTunes & How to Fix the Errors

Actually at first family sharing option is not for users later most of the users requested for one family for one itunes account but now for each and everyone needs to maintain one account and signup using one credit card. After users feedback Apple accepted the users request that is Family Sharing features.

After enabling Family Sharing option mostly asking query that is how to setup Family Sharing on itunes or apple gadgets like iPhone. Using this feature 6 members can able to use purchased app store, calendars, photos, movies, TV, music, videos and more using one credit card. So I am happy and people’s also very happy, keep reading how to fix the Family Sharing errors and how to setup Family Sharing on iPhone or others.

Lets see bellow detail about Family Sharing options setup and fixing errors.

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How to Fix Family Sharing if not working on iPad/iPhone

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Just before in one family one member if he purchased apps store, musics, calendars, photos, movies, TV or any product he can’t able share with family members. After only this feature is came to users And now most of the struggling during when connecting the purchased apps this error is come.

" Redownload Unavailable with This Apple ID. This redownload is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.

And this error window will open with OK option

“Redownload option may Unavailable with This Apple ID. This redownload is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.

First of all take your apple device and turn ON and OFF and then apple device which has problem, and then click the App store icon. And then select the Featured option, and scroll the bottom and choose the Apple ID and Sign Out option. And then again one more time to Sign In with your correct Apple ID and password on your Apple device. If still issue reconnect your family member apple id one again.

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How to sign up for Apple Music’s family plan

If you are in already Individual plan you no need to worry more just see top of the left click Account option  View Apple ID > Manage > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership. On your family member’s device, make sure their account is signed in for both iCloud and iTunes in Settings > iCloud and Settings > iTunes & App Store.

How to enable and get started with Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad

  1. Go to Setting option on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. And click your Apple ID option.
  3. And then choose the Family Sharing.


  1. And then Click Get Started.
  2. And select Family Sharing click Continue.
  3. And continue share apps.

  1. Make Payment.
  2. Add your family member.

How to set up Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Using family sharing option able to sharing restriction for example particular apps can able to stop sharing to other. If parents have the family sharing account means can able to set permissions when their child need some apps or list music they asks permission. After parents may allow or deny on iPhone or iPad.

How do you turn off family sharing?

  1. Take your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings.
  2. iTunes & App Store, then tap your Apple ID.
  3. Tap View Apple ID, then tap Country/Region.
  4. On your Mac, open iTunes, click Account.
  5. Sign In and enter your Apple ID. Then click Account.
  6. View family sharing Account. And click and turn off.

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