How To Stay On Top Of Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should play an important part in the marketing strategy of any website. This is a great way to take advantage of the interconnected nature of the web, to get your messages to spread virally, and to create more of a relationship with your visitors.

However the downside of social media marketing is that it can be a lot of work. Coming up with new and interesting things to post regularly can be hard enough on its own, and the sheer quantity of different social media sites only makes this even more difficult.

social media marketing Here then we will look at some things you can do to make this easier and which will allow you to post your content more quickly and easily so that you stay on top of your marketing without wasting any more time than necessary.

Automate the Process

wordpress logo The first thing you can do to make your job easier is to automate as much of your social media activity as possible. This means setting up various services which can handle elements of your posting for you.

For instance, using certain WordPress plugins it’s possible to set your site up to post a link to Twitter every time you create a new post for your site. That way you don’t have to worry about posting there as well as it will be handled for you.

Another good example of automation is a site called Buffer. This Web App essentially allows you to create a queue for your Twitter posts and then posts them for you over a set period of time. What that means in turn is that you don’t have to worry about coming up with new material or finding time to post – you can just set aside one afternoon and then let Buffer handle the rest for you.

Better yet is an app called IFTTT. This allows you to set up relationships between your various online services, so that for instance your Twitter posts can be automatically posted to Facebook as well, or vice versa. By setting up IFTTT as well as Buffer you can also buffer posts to other social media accounts and create all kinds of other automatic processes.

Using Your Mobile Devices

mobile device

Smartphones are incredibly practical tools for running many aspects of a website because they fit so easily in your pocket and ensure that everything you need can fit right in the palm of your hands. The same goes for tablets which are useful for being always on.

Thus if you want to make keeping on top of your social media a great way to do so is to just leave some mobile devices around your home – in the Kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room – and to download the Twitter and Facebook apps. This way you can just grab them while you’re waiting for the potatoes to boil, or when you see something funny on TV, and that can make posting a much more natural part of your routine.

A great way to form any new habit in fact is to ‘attach’ that habit to something you already do regularly. Tweet every time you brush your teeth for instance, or every time you turn on the TV, and have your devices right there ready to make the process that much easier.

Let Others Do Your Work For You

Of course another option is always to outsource the management of your social media accounts, though this can be expensive and does come with risks if you hand over the day-to-day positing. Better is to use a marketing service in conjunction with your own efforts.

Better yet is to let your visitors handle your social media for you. You can do this by including share buttons on all your pages and asking your visitors to help you spread the word. That way you can share exponentially more and watch as your site goes viral.

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