How to Sync Blackberry Contacts and Calender with iCloud [iPhone or iPad]

Most of the Blackberry users are surfing on internet how to sync my blackberry contacts to iPhone or iPad. Really these kind of topics are rare on online but @MTTT continues covering rare topics to help audience.

Today I am going to share information and tips and tricks for sync data from Blackberry device to iPhone and iPad using iCloud. It is very essential to who are using Blackberry mobile and apple iPad, because if both are using apple brand device means easily we can sync using icloud. But when any one device is differing that should be hard to sync with apple device. Lets we go to steps how to sync Blackberry mobile contacts to apple devices like iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

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sync blackberry to icloud

Sync Blackberry Mobile Phone Contacts/Calendar with iCloud

If you are using Blackberry latest smartphone or older version no problem and your iPad too. Here is only way to sync your blackberry mobile contacts and also calender with your iPad using iCloud.

Step 1 :

Without wait straightly go to the Settings icon on your iPad home screen and now choose iCloud and click it.

Step 2 :

Select the Contacts and same as Calendars allow iCloud sync to On.

Step 3 :

Now take your Blackberry mobile from home screen you just click the Settings.

Step 4 :

Then after click the Accounts and now pick the Add New Account.

Step 5 :

After you choose Add new account you have to select the option Email, Calendar and Contacts.

Step 6 :

Now click the “CalDAV” option which was located on Advanced segment.

Step 7 :

Now enter the Apple username and password in specific fields for to sync and enter to server field. Give Done.

Now go to your iPad see the sync files are visible to you and you can manage it easily

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