How to Sync Gmail/Google Contacts to iCloud on iPhone or iPad

Everyone has one comfortable device to save their contacts like email address and phone book contacts on notebook, dairy and their own phone gadgets. Really to storing all contacts on mobile device is really good because it’s comfortable to use or share to any one and too secure also.

Sometimes if you accdiently delete your contacts means it will helps to restore from your backup contacts on Google Account and iCloud. On old days their is no option and feature to move or sync contacts only manually want to move. But today having that feature to move contacts from anywhere to anywhere.

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So if you all contacts are on Google account and you need to move that all contacts to iCloud? No problem it’s possible and in this article will helps you how to sync or move contacts from Google to iCloud.

Step 1:

Go to Gmail account and select the Contacts which located under Gmail at left side.

sync google contacts to icloud

Step 2:

Now you can view all your contacts and now select all or choose particular contacts to Export.

sync google contacts to icloud

Step 3:

After you selected the Contacts just Export as vCard format because iCloud will accept this format only, just scroll the page up to bottom of the list prior to selecting the Export option.

sync google contacts to icloud (3)

Step 4:

After you Click the Export it will download on your device. After download complete don’t open just rename that file as google_contacts.vcf.

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After you renamed now get ready for upload that contacts into iCloud. Keep reading.

Step 5:

Now take you Apple device iPhone, iPad or Mac device.

Step 6:

Straightly go to iCloud[] and Login with your username and password for uploading contacts.

Step 7:

After login successfully Click the Contacts.

Step 8:

Now Drag the Downloaded .vcf file [google_contacts.vcf].

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Step 9:

After you dragged it takes a minute to upload the file to iCloud.

Step 10:

Now take your Apple device here I am giving steps for iPhone:

Take your iPhone and go to Settings and click iCloud now make sure Contacts is listed option to turn ON.

sync google contacts to icloud (4)

Using this tips and tricks you can sync google contacts to icloud on iPad or iPhone or Mac.

That’s all now your contacts are moved successfully. Anything else post on comments.

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