How to Sync iPhone Calls History to an Apple Computer

Sync is best feature for Apple device users because when your device sync with iTunes or connected with iCloud you can share or transfer any thing like musics, videos and any files like software. Your iTunes will be store or backups your iPhone details like call history and your internet usages and some important information. Whenever you deleted the call history on your iPhone you can able to restore you call history from your iTunes, so your iTunes will collect and store your information.

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Whenever you delete the call history on your iPhone, only have the way to restore your backup from iTunes using your Apple computer. If you like to restore your call history means just sync your iPhone to computer using USB or WiFi. Now get in your iCloud and you can see you backups and it was stored on Apple’s Server.

sync iphone and itunes

Step 1:

Here we need latest iTunes so best to download latest version of iTunes and Install it on your computer.

Step 2:

After Installed iTunes now open it and now connect your iPhone with Computer using USB Cable.

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Step 3:

After display your iPhone name and now click it under Menu. Now simply click the Back up now your entire settings and call history was stored on your Computer.

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